Im a cosplay model who dresses up as vampire – fans like it when I wear fangs

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Halloween is certainly a time for trick or treating.

Whether it's candy that you love or just spooking your neighbours, the season is definitely a terrifying one.

But the holiday isn't just for those things, it's also all about dressing up.

One model who loves to wear her best gear for the occasion is an Instagram babe who goes by the name Living Dead Doll.

The 24-year-old cosplayer is a huge fan of dressing up, especially for Halloween as it's her "favourite time of the year".

She's had the same style since she was a young girl but over the years she's developed and polished it more.

Now speaking to Daily Star, the beauty has revealed all about her style and how she uses it to her advantage on OnlyFans.

She said: "I definitely tend to attract people who love cosplay and who like more of an alternative style.

"It's really nice to have people who enjoy how I dress.

"I've dressed this way since I was really young and I'm glad it's becoming more trendy now.

"The support I receive for my style is genuinely amazing. I would have never dreamed of it."

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The Living Dead Doll adopts a vampire look in her Instagram snaps where she has over 255,000 followers.

And when she's not wearing her vangs to resemble a vampire, she's doing it to be like a cat.

Instead of going down the cliche route during spooky season, she puts all her effort into outfits.

She admitted: "I tend to stay away from fake blood since it's messy. Halloween I definitely go all out with dressing up."

"Something about everyone dressing up for Halloween gives me more energy to spend time on make-up."

She continued: "The creativity around Halloween time is amazing. I adapted a very alternative style at a young age.

"I went through phases of emo, scene, goth. I was definitely not as good at coordinating outfits back then.

"I've just always liked the edgier styles honestly, I started wearing vampire teeth for cosplay and everyday looks in my 20s though."

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The Living Dead Doll usually dresses in what she considers as "cool" and vampire teeth certainly meets the criteria.

She continued: "I just dress in what I consider cool and vampire teeth and alternative style clothes are honestly super cool to me.

"I even use vampire teeth for cat girl cosplays. They are pretty versatile."

The babe uses her OnlyFans page to share more nudity that she can't on her Instagram page.

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