If Someone’s In Love With You, They’ll Probably Do These 3 Things

Figuring out if a new partner is falling in love isn’t always as straight forward as we’d like it to be. Fortunately, even if you’re still waiting to hear those three "little" words, if someone’s in love with you, you’ll likely notice some shifts in their behavior and effort. Although not everyone is willing to put their feelings out there before they feel totally confident that they’re reciprocated, it’s not uncommon for signs of their true feelings to fall through the cracks. According to NYC-based relationship expert and love coach Susan Winter, as feelings grow, it’s normal for things to shift.

"Your partner’s behavior will noticeably change once they’re in love," Winter tells Elite Daily. "On the downside, they may be more reactive and territorial. On the upside, they’ll be more generous, thoughtful, and you’ll experience a greater sense of inclusion and involvement." When someone truly loves you, then it only makes sense that they’re going to want to be involved in your life as much as humanly possible. Suddenly, tasks that may have felt like too much effort early-on, start to feel like a normal part of their relationship duties, says Winter. So, if your new bae is doing the following things, then they just might be in love.

1. They aren’t afraid to inconvenience themselves for you.

Going on fun dates are great, but once someone’s feelings have deepened, they’ll probably be much more eager to take on the not-so-fun parts of being in a relationship. "Meaning the down and dirty, difficult and non-glamorous things," says Winter. "They take your mother to the airport, pick up your medication, run an errand for you, or help you paint. It’s not a fun chore, but their participation shows they’re invested in being a couple."

2. They’re tuned into your needs.

Becoming in tune with a partner’s individual needs doesn’t usually happen overnight. Once a SO is devoting more effort to learning what it takes to please you, this is a sign that their feelings for you are strong. "Love is an investment of time and energy," explains Winter. "You’ll notice your partner is far more attentive and thoughtful once they’re in love. Your concerns matter to them, as does your happiness."

3. They remember the little things.

"My friend’s boyfriend proved that he listened to her and remembered what she said when he got her a red velvet cake from an obscure, small bakery," says Winter. "Months earlier, she mentioned they had the best red velvet cake in the city and that was the cake he bought for her birthday." This is an example of how someone who’s in love with you can become hypersensitive to hints and comments about what you like. Winter emphasizes how telling it is when someone remembers little things that will bring you happiness.

In the end, there are observable clues that may signal someone has fallen in love with you because, sometimes, actions do speak louder than words. But if the relationship is still fresh, there’s no need to rush things. When the timing is right, how you both feel about one another will become crystal clear.

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