I used scales at dates house – but my weight sent a notification to his phone

As the saying goes 'curiosity killed the cat' – but in this case the curiosity murdered the mood on a date.

Ashley Louis found herself at a lad's house who she was seeing at the time and decided to pop to the toilet.

However after doing her business and freshening up, the mum spotted a pair of weighing scales.

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Intrigued by the machine, Ashley decided to hop on to check up on her body weight – but didn't realise that they were more advanced than the bog standard device.

Although she thought that act would be totally discreet, she was in for a massive shock after the result of weighing herself was not so private after all.

In a TikTok clip that racked up millions of views, the mum-of-two tots shared her 'horrifying' moment around her past lover's house.

The brunette explained: "How I felt one time I was using the bathroom at this guy's house and saw a scale and weighed myself and it sent a notification to his phone??

"Let’s just say I have never felt the random urge to step on every scale I come across ever again."

Ashley added the hashtag "horrifying" to the caption to sum up her feelings of the situation.

It turns out the TikToker was not alone in her experience – as many other women reported awkward moments at a date's home.

One person commented: "I would have just left."


Another user related: "OMG same except I did it multiple times without realising and third time I did it he was like why do you keep weighing yourself."

While a third fretted: "I would think about this at least once a day for the rest of my life."

Someone else added: "Noooo. I saw another video where she said it yelled out the number. This is so much worse. Never use a scale you don't own."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "Same except I weighed myself before and after using the toilet and he was like how did you lose 4lbs in there?"


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