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GROWING up, Ryan Tubbs describes his childhood as ‘absolute hell’.

The now 34-year-old said he developed man boobs when he was just eight-years-old after he gained weight.

At their biggest, factory worker Ryan said his breasts reached a C cup, with women refusing to date a man with bigger boobs than them.

Ryan’s weight went up to 20st and he hoped that by shifting it, it would reduce the size of his breasts.

The singleton managed to shed 8st, but was left with B cup boobs, which he fears will prevent him from ever finding love.

The NHS states that men can often grow breasts if they have a hormone imbalance.

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Oestrogen in particular can cause breast tissue to grow and while all men produce it, they usually have higher levels of testosterone, which stops the oestrogen from causing breast tissue to grow.

If the balance of hormones in the body changes, this can cause a man's breasts to grow, guidance states.

Despite his large chest, Ryan has had four previous girlfriends and says he has been the one to dump them – admitting it's because he is dating women who he is not attracted to.

Ryan has been single for the past ten years and claims when he does pluck up the courage to approach women, they reject him because of his breasts.

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Ryan is now fundraising $10,000 (£8,375.00) for male breast reduction in the hopes of finding a partner.

Ryan, from Pennsylvania, US, said: "I've had boobs since I was young. At the biggest they were a C cup, now they're a B.

"The first time a woman was willing to date me was when I was 23. I've been single for ten years. It always goes back to that when I get rejected.

"Right now, I'm 34, never been married, no kids, no girlfriend, I have nothing going for me. It's hard for me not to think that my boobs are holding me back.

"Many times in my life girls have said they can't date a man with bigger boobs than them.

"Trying to talk to girls, they'll laugh at me and say 'I can't date a guy who has bigger t*** than I do'. In high school when I worked up the courage to ask a girl out, some said no and laughed and it was the kind girls who told me why.”

He added that he’s had four girlfriends, with the longest relationship having lasted a year.

"If I want to get into a relationship with a girl that I'm not attracted to then I could be in one right now.

"I've been rejected so much that I avoid putting myself out there."

Ryan says he started struggling with his weight when he was young and was relentlessly bullied at school because of his breasts.

He started shedding weight in 2017 and managed to slim down to 12st but was left with mounds of excess skin.

Ryan said: "I was tired of being big, I have been ridiculed most of my life. I lost weight because I wanted to become the best version of myself that I can and give myself the best chance I can to be as normal as possible.

"I've been bullied my entire life. School was absolute hell for me. I didn't participate in gym, someone put a sports bra in my locker.

"Every day they yelled at me to wear a sports bra. I've never felt confident in my life, there hasn't been one day where I've felt good about myself. I try to keep positive even in the worst of times.”

Ryan said that the last time he weighed himself before he started losing weight, the scales showed 18st.

However, he admits that this was likely closer to 21.4st as he hadn’t weighed himself in a while.

He said: "I'm 175lbs now [12.5st]. I changed my eating, was smarter. I [previously] worked at a company where we made snack food so I could eat all the free Cheetos I wanted and I was snacking all day

"I've always been heavy, in high school I was 250lbs [nearly 18st]. I ate the same food as my family and they were all skinny."

Ryan believes that going under the knife would change his life and hopes that after the surgery he'll finally be able to find love.

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Ryan said: "To get rid of these breasts that I've had since I was eight, I can't say how ecstatic and happy I would be. To be able to look in the mirror and feel content would be amazing. My main goal after having surgery is to find love.

"If I could get more done I would because I've got excess skin."

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