I feel like my boyfriend's holding me back – is it time to move on?

DEAR DEIDRE: I FEEL like my boyfriend is holding me back. Is it time I told him to leave?

He is immature and lazy, meaning I end up doing everything for him.

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He’s 23, I’m 26 and we’ve been together for five years. We’ve lived together for two.

I’m forever tidying up after him, which means I rarely have time for myself.

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His personal hygiene is awful too. He’d go days without a shower if I didn’t nag him.

I want to train to be an accountant, so I’m doing an Open University degree. But I rarely get time to do my assignments because I’m always looking after him.

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DEIDRE SAYS: His lack of motivation could be a sign that he is depressed.

Get him to speak to his GP. They might be able to organise some counselling or prescribe medication to help him.

I am sending you my support pack on Depression, with useful organisations to contact.

But your own mental wellbeing is just as important as his. Give him six months to try making some positive changes.

If you are still struggling at that point, it may be time to go your separate ways.

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