I can’t trust my wife after discovering she nearly had sex with a colleague – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE discovered my wife has been getting physical with a male work colleague.

We fell in love when we met ten years ago.

I am 41 and my wife is nearly 40 with a teenage son from a previous relationship.

We didn’t have any children together – it just never happened – but I thought we were happy.

She kept being late back from work so I looked at her phone.

I found messages that made it clear she and this colleague were close to having sex, if they hadn’t actually done it yet.

She had to admit it but asked me to forgive her and promised not to do it again.

Now I can’t trust her. I feel like I can’t leave her or live with her either.

DEIDRE SAYS: You both need to look at what led to her cheating.

If you work together to strengthen your marriage, you can regain that trust.

Are there troubles you have not resolved?

You say having a child together “just never happened” but help is available.

Were you maybe reluctant to try?

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