How Jennifer Garner honored '13 Going on 30' in her new movie 'Yes Day'

Jennifer Garner found a sweet and meaningful way to pay tribute to “13 Going on 30” in her new film, “Yes Day.”

A viral TikTok video showed side-by-side footage of a pearl necklace with a crystal flower at the center which the 48-year-old actress wore in the beloved 2004 rom-com and her new family comedy.

The two scenes in question show Garner’s 13-year-old “13 Going on 30” character waking up as a 30-year-old and of her roaming the streets of New York City on her wedding day in “Yes Day.”

PHOTO: Jennifer Garner, laden with shopping bags, struggles out of Henri Bendel on Fifth Ave. during filming of "13 Going on 30."

Obviously, fans’ minds were blown for not catching the hidden tribute earlier.

Costume designer Susie DeSanto previously spoke about Garner’s meaningful nod in an interview with PopSugar, explaining, “Jen loved the [wedding] dress. When we put it on her for the scene that day, she told me she ‘felt lucky to get to wear something so special.'”

What made the scene even more special? Said DeSanto: “Fun fact: She wore a pearl necklace with crystal flowers that she wore in ’13 Going on 30.'”

DeSanto has worked with Garner on six films. “It seems we’ve done a wedding dress in all of them!” she said.

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