How a Vibrant Front Door Sets the Tone For This DIY Enthusiast's Entire Home Life

DIY and home decor are much more than hobbies for Ashley Luengo — they’re part of her DNA. “I have always had a love for design,” she said. “Growing up and watching my mom decorate our home and tackle any DIY project has definitely influenced me. All of my sisters are creative and not afraid to think outside of the box.”

As a mom of two, she’s always looking for ways to infuse her family’s space with a sense of warmth, starting with the entrance. “The front door is the first impression guests have when they visit,” Ashley said. “It should be a reflection of your personality and style and what to expect inside the home as well. I love painting our front door different colors. It has been six different colors since we moved in 10 years ago! The front door is where I like to experiment with different colors and have fun.”

Color is always the most important consideration when Ashley is thinking about the tone she wants to set in her home. “When choosing a color to paint my home, I look to how I want that space to feel,” she said. “Color is a great mood influencer.” So before she dives straight into buying cans of paint, Ashley uses the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer app to test out what different shades would look like in her home. “I love using the app to get a better idea of how places in my home will look with different paint colors,” she said. All she has to do is take a photo of the color she wants to match, and the app will suggest a corresponding shade.

To bring new life to her front door this time, Ashley used the Match a Color feature on the ColorSnap® Visualizer app. She took a photo of the floral wallpaper in her front foyer that features a vibrant pink that she loves, and the app came back with Charisma SW 6605, a poppy blush pink that perfectly complements the flowers’ unique hue. “The power of paint and color is one of my favorite decorating tools,” she said. “It’s amazing how you can transform the feel of the room just through the use of color. I love this happy, bright color and think it will be very welcoming.”

At the end of the day, Ashley’s main goal for her home is to make it a shared space that her family — and pets! — can’t wait to come back to every day. “Creating a home that is well thought out for both comfort and that is aesthetically pleasing is what I’m always going for,” Ashley said. “Our home truly is our haven, so I want to make it enjoyable to spend time in and a place that you long to return to at the end of the day.”

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