Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for September 28

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You are aware of your responsibilities. Some commitments will take up more of your time than you prefer but when there is work to be done, it will get done with you in charge. Still, it will be necessary soon to find a way to balance work and personal time.


A chance to join in with some form of profit sharing venture is a one to seriously consider. You will want to know that people take this seriously and will commit themselves to getting the best out of this scheme. Someone you work with will share ideas that are unrealistic but to tell them so could knock their confidence.


It may not feel fair when you approach a debate with an open mind while a friend or colleague’s rigid views leaves little room for compromise. You will not have been expecting to reach an agreement without some sort of challenge. This is just as well as things aren’t going to be easy.


Taking up the chance to work with a new colleague or spend time with a new neighbour will open up a new world of opportunity for you. You will be introduced to new interests, new possibilities and even new ways of doing things.


Your boss will ask you to take on duties that should go to another. Let them know you prefer to stick with the job for which you are hired. Someone you hardly know will be grateful for your assistance. Their gratitude will make you realise how much someone in your life has been using you over the past few weeks.


Everyone seems to think they know better than you. It will be annoying when you are getting on with your work and someone else will point out different ways to go about it. It will be easier to step away and keep in the background.


Exciting news will confirm positive changes ahead for you. Stay calm. There are ideas you want to act on soon but it is not time yet to address the specifics of your thoughts. You need to discuss the larger issue with someone in authority.


Behind other people’s smiles could be worries and anxieties they have not yet spoken about. Secrets are yet to be revealed. What you are observing is out of kilter with how you sense a situation to be. Keep your thoughts to yourself until the weirdness of this experience has passed.


A pushy friend or workmate will start to get on your nerves. Before you react, consider how your irritation with someone might be a projection of your resistance to your own forceful energy. Put some distance between you and a colleague you know you are going to clash with.


The offer of a promotion is not a one you will want to turn down even if it will take time to settle into your new position. You might set aside your plans for the day to take the hectic energy around you and deal with each situation as it occurs.


You have too many ideas to be able to put them all in action. What’s needed is for you to hone in on a few of the best ones. You have good focus and concentration but there are some people who aren’t so attentive or analytical.


It will feel as if you have been through more this September than others have experienced in the whole year. A lot is changing and as you accept and acknowledge how much you are learning from all you have been through and are going through, you will be ready to move on to the next chapter.

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