Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for January 12

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It may be necessary to travel for a test, audition or interview. If this isn’t being paid for through your work, shop around for the best rates before purchasing tickets. It won’t take a lot to steer your mind down new avenues of thought. This will bring some beneficial changes over the months ahead.


Steer clear of workmates who are gaining a reputation of being unreliable. A colleague’s oversight could put your own position in jeopardy. Be sure you don’t get blamed for something you did not do. Haven’t you been burned enough by opportunities who took advantage of your good nature?


You have carried out work you agreed to do to the best of your ability. Someone is asking more from you. Don’t feel guilty about saying no. Commitments have been fulfilled and you are not letting anyone down by moving on to something different.


Partners in your working life and private life will want to call the tune. Are you willing to let them set the pace? It is entirely possible this arrangement will suit you as it would leave you with some time to use profitably to develop interests of your own.


There are going to be some hard times ahead but you will find a way to cope. An older relative is unhappy and you hate to see them feel this way. It is only fair that their needs are respected and you work with them to find a way to resolve their problems.


At times it might feel as if you have lost control of your life. You may wonder how you managed to take on so many commitments. To safeguard your professional reputation resolve to do things properly or don’t do them at all.


You’re comparing your efforts with others who have been doing the same thing for years. If you are new to your job or you’ve just started on a study or training course, give yourself a chance to find your way. Get on in your own time and be grateful for every small achievement.


You have questions on your mind and the answers will not be found in the most obvious places. Refrain from asking someone something that could be interpreted as a personal question. You will find out what you need to know in a roundabout way and in a way that won’t upset anyone.


You might feel inclined to change plans to include some travel or a change of scenery into your day. If you have a partner and they have the time, suggest they join you. Spending time together in unfamiliar places will be the perfect tonic your relationship needs.


Inspiration will come through online discussions and long talks with fellow workers. You will admire a friend’s achievements and this could have you setting new goals for yourself. If this is something you really want, you stand a high chance of succeeding.


Sharing responsibilities will ease the pressure you are under. As independent as you prefer to be now, very soon you could find yourself needing an extra pair of hands. Some jobs would be better handled jointly from the start. Accept all help that is offered.


Just a few minutes before a meeting, test or interview is due to start you could receive information that could affect the outcome. Even if it hadn’t been planned for, there are issues that need to be addressed. You have some key decisions to make.

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