Holby City star reveals all on Jac and Joseph's major reunion

Holby City’s legendary love triangle of Jac Naylor (Rosie Marcel), Joseph Byrne (Luke Roberts) and Faye Morton (Patsy Kensit) is set to be revisited in a special episode next week. Luke Roberts, told metro.co.uk how it came about.

‘Rosie badgered me for a number of years to come back,’ he says. ‘We’ve always had the agreement that if she leaves the show, and if it works out and everybody thinks it’s a good idea, then I will be involved in that storyline. But she’s doing such a good job at Holby that no-one wants her to leave, so we thought we should strike while the iron was hot. I happened to be back in the UK and available, so it made sense to reconstruct the love triangle.’

Luke explains what’s been happening to his character since we last saw him in Holby in 2011 – and the shock news that Faye and Joseph are back together. ‘Tragedy has struck for Joseph,’ he says. ‘He’s chosen the quiet life as a single father in Penrith and has remarried and then he loses his wife to cancer. Then Faye is wrestling with her own demons. They reconnect with each other and no sooner have they started rebuilding their family and then she has heart failure and needs a heart transplant. Our characters are diverted to Holby City Hospital and the warm embrace of Jac Naylor!’

The question on everyone’s lips is bound to be how does Joseph feel about Jac when he sees her again? There’s a beautiful scene in the episode between Joseph and Fletch which Luke says ‘encapsulates what Joseph’s feeling. He dearly loves Faye, but he loves Jac deeply and that’s what’s on his mind. Being in that hospital brings all those emotions back.’

So how was it for him and Patsy to be back on Darwin after all this time? Luke says they had a great time. ’Our only fear was that we were messing around too much on set. We knew what we were doing and slipped right back into our characters, but we were very playful because that was always our dynamic. Then you throw in the fourth corner of the love quadrangle in the form of Fletch, played by Alex Walkinshaw. He’s great fun to work with, a gag a minute. But we got the work done and the director, David Innes Edwards, was terribly patient with us. It was great.’

Luke’s appearance back at Holby did cause a little bit of confusion, though. ‘All the security staff kept asking, “Luke, what are you doing here?’”’ he laughs. ‘I’m not terribly materialistic so I’m even still driving the same car. They were very tolerant of the fact that I didn’t know where to park, because you have to go in a different entrance these days. But generally Holby is exactly the same and I wouldn’t change a hair on its head, because the Holby experience to me was lovely for five years and then I’ve come back nine years later and it was a repeat experience with a healthy dose of nostalgia chucked in for good measure.’

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