Hilarious snaps show men's bizarre interior design choices

In desperate need of a woman’s touch! Hilarious Twitter account showcases ‘male living spaces’ kitted out with multiple TVs, camping chairs and VERY little furniture

  • US-based Twitter account has shared some of the best ‘male living spaces’
  • Photos from across the globe show some scant and empty looking rooms
  • One man has a bare apartment with one or two pieces of furniture 

Men from across the globe have shared their interior design attempts, leaving much to be desired.

The photos were put together by Twitter account malelivingspaces.txt, which takes its name from the US-based Reddit thread where the images were originally shared. 

Some posts on the Reddit thread demonstrate a flair for interior design, but others reveal bare rooms with hardly any furniture and questionable décor – including a Nicolas Cage shower curtain.

One room has a bare apartment with one or two pieces of furniture, while another has two TVs on top of one another.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples… 

Priorities! One man has got his games and screens set up but there is no sign of any furniture 

Gone camping! One man’s room looks set up for a camping trip, including the chair and books 

Two screens! One sports fan decided his living room needed two screens instead of one so he could watch two games at the same time 

Gotta stay creative! One man had to make do with what he had around the flat to attach his curtains to the shower without rings 

One man who needed a home office during the pandemic used a tennis table as a desk to get some work done 

Rather than buying a TV stand, one man decided to balance his flat TV on top of two mini fridges 

With little space in his bedroom, one man purchased a camping folding share to use his computer 

After moving in, the only furniture in this man’s apartment was several chair and a round glass table 

Perhaps as a joke, one man’s shower curtain was a dramatic zoomed in portrait of the actor Nicolas Cage 

Clever? One man hung a hammock from a drying line attached to his ceilling, with a stool underneath so he access it 

After moving in, one man admitted his TV looked a bit ridiculous on this tiny cabinet he used as a TV stand 

One man’s room consists of a mattress and one pillow, no furniture, a yellow lamp and a poster of Colin Farrell 

Animal mad? Another image shows a bare looking living space with animal heads and a rug as its only decoration

Finally! A poster shares his one piece of furniture which he bought after eight months of living in his apartment 

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Feeling blue? One man has some strong lighting in his room, giving the area a blue hue 

Where’s the table? A freshly-divorced poster revealed photos of his first apartment post split up but it seems to be missing a table, with the person using a box as a makeshift substitute 

Time warp! Another image shared by a man on the thread reveals a room that looks like it has stepped back in time

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