Hi, We Found All the Sexiest Lyrics From Taylor Swift's ‘Midnights’ for You

Say what you want about Midnights (unless you are saying it to me because I happen to think she is the moment and shan’t be hearing otherwise), but Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated tenth album is a strong contender for her horniest yet, or at least in recent memory. You may not like it, but Ms. Swift has thrown it back to the hot and heavy pop icon days of her 1989 and Reputation eras, and it turns out Taylor’s midnight musings are home to an abundance of steamy new lyrics—and no, I’m not talking about the sexy baby thing. (But also, okay, maybe a little bit the sexy baby thing? IDK, it’s hard to tell).

But while Midnights might be a new peak for T-Swift lyrics in terms of sex and swearing (definitely swearing), this is far from Taylor’s first foray into sexy songwriting. I know, I know, horniness may not be the first thing we think when we think Taylor Swift, but this is actually kind of a massive oversight on our part, TBH. Sure, so Taylor is no Ariana when it comes to unbridled displays of lyrical horn. But if you listen closely, the extensive TS discography is a treasure trove of horniness—dating back to much earlier in her career than you may think!

Yes, I’m talking about “Dress,” but also, crucially, I’m not just talking about “Dress.” While 2017’s Reputation is generally regarded as Taylor’s first introduction to the world as a verified sex-having, wine-drinking (and wine-spilling) individual, it was far from her first or only dance with suggestive songwriting. Sure, Reputation, an album that is 90 percent sex, booze, and revenge, features some of T-Swift’s most overt references to sex and desire. (Again, see: “Dress.”) But real Swifties—or at least the horny ones—know that our girl has been slipping some lusty lyrics into her music since well before she officially shed her good girl, “Miss Americana” image.

For your edification, I, resident scholar of Taylor Swift horn, have graciously compiled all of Taylor’s sexiest lyrics, starting with Midnights (yes, including the 3 a.m. tracks because duh) and going all the way back to day freaking one, baby.

Midnights (2022)

Evermore (2020)

Folklore (2020)

Lover (2019)

Reputation (2017)

1989 (2014)

Red (2012)

Speak Now (2010)

Fearless (2008)

Taylor Swift (2006)

Okay, so Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut album is obviously not, like, erotic by any stretch of the imagination—with one notable exception, that is:

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