Here's how to support anti-racism causes without spending a penny

Activism takes many forms but one very concrete way to make a difference is to donate money to organisations and projects committed to helping communities.

George Floyd’s murder sparked a wave of people posting about Black Lives Matter-linked fundraisers and charities, which gave people a chance to become active allies.

But what if you don’t have the cash to spare? As activists like Akala are continuously pointing out, racism wasn’t invented by the working classes but by a system that keeps those at the bottom… at the bottom. If you’re struggling to survive the system too, it makes little sense for you to wade into even deeper waters in a bid to help someone else.

If you have the cash and you can afford to donate something regularly, brilliant. If not, there are other equally worthy things you can do to improve the prospects of Black people here and abroad.

Here are a three very simple ways in which you can help to generate cash or agitate for change without actually having to spend what you don’t have:

Take a quiz to help provide famine relief in Yemen

Right now, Yemen is experiencing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, with Save the Children estimating that 85,000 children may have died between 2015 and 2018 from severe acute malnutrition. Today, 20 million people need help securing food, according the UN; almost 10 million are considered ‘one step away from famine’. 

You can help simply by taking this quiz from Freerice. Every right answer generates money to help provide food to those in need – like the Yemenis. Yesterday, 15,442,210 grains of rice were donated.

A standard bowl contains about 3,000 grains so that’s over 5,000 bowls a day – just by doing a quiz. Why not carve out 10 minutes a day and do as many quizzes as you can? Email the link to everyone you know.

Vow to sign five petitions and nominate five friends to do the same

Race to Equality has been encouraging followers to sign five petitions and to nominate five friends. By adding your name to a proposed piece of legislation, you can play an active role in actually pushing things forward to be debated and – hopefully – passed. 

Here are five petitions you might like to add your name to:

  • Teach Britain’s colonial past as part of the UK’s compulsory curriculum. It’s not currently compulsory for school children to learn anything about the UK’s role in colonisation or the slave trade. If a country can’t learn from its past, what hope is there for its future?
  • Refund taxes used to pay slavery abolition debt to British descendants of slaves. Did you know that the Government only finished paying off the UK’s slavery debt in 2015? In the early 1830s, it borrowed £20 million – more than £2.4 billion in today’s money – to fund the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833. That was to compensate all those Brits who lost ‘property’ – AKA slaves. This is a proposal for the Government to refund tax contributions that helped to clear the Slavery Abolition Act debt up to 2015 to taxpayers who are descendants of slaves owned by British slave owners. 
  • Improve maternal mortality rates and healthcare for Black women in the UK. Black women are fives times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than white women and we don’t know why (aside from, you know, racism). It’s time to demand more research. 
  • Require all police officers to take anti-racism education. It’s not only the US that has a problem with police profiling. Black people in the UK are 40 times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police by than white people. Why? At least if all members of the force had to partake in anti-racism training, we could start to run blatant prejudice out of the equation. 
  • Make anti-racism training mandatory in all UK workplaces. If you haven’t met #SallyInHR, you’re missing out. The creation of the brilliant Kelechi Okafor, Sally personifies the everyday subtle (and not so subtle) racism that Black people face on a daily basis in the workplace. If people like her had to take anti-racism training regularly, they might understand that it’s not OK to get people’s names wrongs and other microaggressions.

Stream to donate

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