Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, action-packed Mars and hazy Neptune square off, making you think with your heart rather than your head. On Saturday, Mercury and Saturn connect, providing you with a more practical mindset. At the same time, Venus (who is really the star of the show this week) connects with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. On Sunday, Venus and powerful Pluto square off, pushing you to a breaking point in your love life—something has to change. The Sun and Mars hook up on Tuesday, amping up your libido, and on Wednesday, Venus enters its fav sign—sensual, earthy Taurus! Finally, on Thursday, the Sun connects with lucky Jupiter, ending the week on a pleasant note.

What that means for you:


You tend to have zero issues being direct with others, but this tonight’s astro-weather turns your brain into a murky soup of thoughts and feelings. There’s tons of romantic potential here, but your confidence just falls short. If you’re really trying to DTR, hit up your crush, or upgrade your relationship, this weekend’s best used to plan out how you want to do it. Wait til later in the week to actually take action.


This weekend starts off slow, but you might be spending some time connecting with past flames! Use this time to find closure and move on from the past, because Venus entering your sign this week is some of the best astro-weather you could ever ask for when it comes to all things ~love~ related. You’re a total babe magnet now, and you can make some serious magic happen in your love life if you play your cards right!


You’re especially thirsty for love this weekend, Gemini. You want to connect, either physically or emotionally, but unless you’re already locked down in a solid LTR, this could be a struggle. In fact, you’re about to say “yes” to a date with anyone asks, you’re just so lonely. Focus, Gemini! What, or who, do you really want in your love life? Reflect on what your “type” actually is. Find someone that fits the bill, hit them up, and you can have a profound connection this week, Gemini—otherwise you risk wasting your time firing blanks.


Keep an eye on your inbox, because an ex is trying to slide into your DMs this weekend, Cancer! You tend to be passive when it comes to love, but that is not the move this weekend. This ex is holding you back. Maybe you still have feelings for them, and it’s keeping you from finding new love. Maybe the emotional damage from your shitty relationship is making it tough for you to trust your new boo. Confront the drama head-on and find closure. This upcoming Taurus season wants you to have an easy, breezy, beautiful month, but before you can have fun, you gotta deal with your past BS.


All of the astro-weather going down in Aries is making you feel particularly upbeat and energetic this weekend. Spice things up with something or someone new, and you can make a ton of progress in your love life. As a fixed sign, you tend to stay in your own lane and wait for others to come to you, but you’re being encouraged to shoot your shot now. Your love life’s getting stale, and this week it’s up to you to make a change!


Think real hard about your relationship goals this weekend, Virgo. You can upgrade your relationship status this weekend, if you put in the work—but if you don’t know what your “end game” goals are, you’ll just be wasting time. If you’ve been juggling a few different paramours, now’s your chance to decide who you like the most. If you’ve been debating if your relationship’s worth keeping up with, now’s your opportunity to either break things off or find a solution. This super serious vibe doesn’t last all week—once Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday, your love life will start heating up a ton!


Aries season = cuffing season for your sign, so you’re still living it up this weekend! Connecting with cuties in or out of bed is way easier than usual, you’re getting way more matches on the dating apps, and spending time with your special someone (even if it’s just a friend!) simply feels amazing. Have fun with this easy, breezy, beautiful astro-weather, Libra, because all of the Taurean energy coming up means that by the end of the week, your relationship goals are becoming way more serious.


Tonight has the potential for some kick-ass, amazing sex. If you’re boo’d up, perfect! If you’re single and ready to mingle, you can have a stellar first date this weekend—but you’re p. much guaranteed to catch feelings. This is not the week for DTRing, though. This is all about having fun, trying new things (or people), and figuring out exactly who/what you want. Venus enters Taurus this week, and Taurus season next week is basically cuffing season for your sign, so the someone you’re fooling around with right now could very easily become your next S.O.!

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Your chart’s fifth house, which governs romance, sex, and fun, is being lit the hell up this weekend! If you’re just interested in hookups and flirtationships, this astro-weather is perfect. If you’re looking for something a little more serious, it’s doable, but you gotta work for it. Opening up? Hard. Commitment? Not always your thing. But if you’re really looking for something with substance, this week’s encouraging you to hit “pause,” put your feet on the ground, and take some time to connect with your special someone.


I won’t lie to you, Capricorn, but this weekend is not the thing for your love life. Work’s taking over your life, and when you’re not clocked in, you’re a total couch potato. If you’re getting lucky at all, it’s gonna be in the form of a Netflix and chill sesh. Venus entering Taurus on Wednesday, however, is v. different. Venus in its fav sign, Taurus, is a three-week period of time where your love life can achieve a major glow up. Romance comes your way more easily, sex feels way better, and showing and receiving affection happens more naturally, too—enjoy!


Just because something feels good doesn’t mean it’s good for you, Aquarius. This week, the stars are asking you to take a close look at your love life, think about what your “type” is, and really determine if your love life is in good shape. There’s nothing wrong with hooking up, but if you’re not being safe, you risk running into major consequences. Sure, your boo might be a total dreamboat, but if you’re lacking a romantic, emotional, or intellectual connection, how much longevity does your relationship really have? Your job this week is to develop a more practical stance on your love life.


If you’re not taking care of yourself, you can’t possibly maintain a healthy, balanced relationship. This weekend is asking you to think about getting your own shit together, organizing your life, tidying things up, and crossing shit off your to-do list. There’s just not time for getting lucky right now, unfortunately, so stay busy and take care of business! You want your life to be as neat and tidy as possible, because once Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday, new paramours will start pouring into your inbox. Bring the best version of yourself to these new connections!

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