Hairdresser creates a ‘smart’ mirror to match your face to a hairstyle

No more hairdresser regrets! New ‘smart’ mirror allows you to see how a hairstyle will look BEFORE you get the chop

  • A hairdresser has developed new technology to help clients update their looks 
  • The ‘smart’ mirror is designed to offer a match between celebrities and clients
  • Facial recognition technology uses 120 measurements to measure the face 
  • The end result means it is possible to see how well a cut, colour or style suits 

An Australian hairdresser has developed a ‘smart’ mirror – a device that enables hairdressers to match a person’s face measurements to a database of 2400 celebrity looks.

The PIIQ digital mirror is a world first and was created using specifically-designed facial recognition software. 

The company’s co-founder, Richard Kavanagh – a four-time hairstylist of the year winner – believes the mirror will offer a better salon experience as clients will have a far clearer idea of how a new style will look before going ahead. 

‘Ninety-five per cent of hairdressers believe they do a full and thorough consultation, but only seven per cent of clients believe they get one, according to a global survey,’ Mr Kavanagh said. 

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The PIIQ smart mirror, which uses facial recognition technology, (pictured) is designed to take the guesswork out of a consultation between a client and stylist

Smart mirrors are designed to capture a range of information aside from a person’s face in order to allow a hairdresser to create a style that matches with a person’s life (pictured)

The PIIQ mirror operates through a tablet allowing the hairdresser to first build a ‘picture’ of their client’s lifestyle through a series of questions.

The interactive quiz aims to find out information such as how often a person will blow-dry their hair to how they imagine their dream home.

After this has been added to a client’s profile, facial recognition software measures a person’s face using 120 specific measurements.

The database then presents five celebrities bearing the closest resemblance to the client in terms of face shape and eye colour.

This information then allows a client and their hairdresser to explore a chosen celebrity’s latest look, and use this as an inspiration in deciding a new style.

The technology is designed to offer a complete experience which means take-home product recommendations are also offered.

This is based on the texture of a person’s hair, as well as their new style.

At the end of the session, the mirror takes a 360-degree photograph of the hairstyle and stores this in the salon’s records for future reference.

The immersive hairdressing experience means a hairdresser is better able to match a client to a look that will suit their face shape and their lifestyle (pictured)

The PIIQ digital mirror is expected to be available in 150 salons across Australia this year, with the company filling orders from Japan, Los Angeles, New York, Malaysia, Britain and South Africa.

While at this stage, the ‘smart’ mirror isn’t able to offer a full augmented reality experience where a client can see digital hairstyles transposed over their face, Mr Kavanagh said he hopes to make this a reality in the future.

‘The technology exists to do that in a very cartoony way, but the biggest challenge with augmented reality is the potential to set up unrealistic expectations,’ he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

‘Your hair might have the wrong texture and density… but the problem is if you’ve seen it you feel like you can have it.’  

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