Guy in stitches as flatmate gets Peperami from Asda request totally wrong

Everyone knows you're only a good flatmate if you ask everyone else in your house if they want anything as you head to the shop.

However, one person got the order a tad wrong when their housemate asked for a Peperami.

A Reddit user took the social media site to reveal that they asked their housemate to get them a "five pack of Peperami Hot" from Asda.

However, they couldn't believe what they brought back.

The social media user had then shared a photo of the offending item – give packs of Asda Pepperoni slices.

The post quickly went viral, racking up more than 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

One person joked: "Wow. Pepperoni toasties and pizza for the next 3 weeks I guess."

While another wrote: "When he was buying these, I bet he thought 'Why the hell does he need this much pepperoni'.

A third simply added: "This is hilarious."

Many others shared their stories of similar supermarket fails.

One shared: "Haha reminds me when I sent my nephew (10ish?) to the shop to get a 'decent size packet of mince' (since I was making a big simple chilli for us all).

"He came back with 10 packets of polos after asking for advice in shop.

"That person knew exactly what they were doing, I believe and I both respect them for it and hate them for it."

While another added: "Reminds me of the underage kid who asked an adult to buy him a ‘packet of Richmonds’ and he came back with Richmond sausages ffs."

A third chimed in: "I had the reverse of this as a kid. My mates mum sent me and him to the shop to get Minstrels. Neither of us knew what they were. We asked the kindly Indian corner shop owner for advice and he sent us back with Mint sauce… she was not pleased."

Elsewhere on Reddit this week, people have also been left giggling over a 'heart-shaped balloon' that looks rather naughty.

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