Grimes partners with Stella McCartney for Adidas collection

Grimes is the new face of Stella McCartney’s Adidas collection. The singer, who previously appeared in McCartney’s Pop perfume campaign, appears in a series of ads for the fall collection, which was made with eco-friendly cutting-edge fabrics.

“Grimes is the perfect embodiment of the adidas by Stella McCartney core values,” McCartney wrote on Instagram. “She is passionate and outspoken about protecting the planet, and a true trailblazer for pushing creative boundaries and inspiring women to unlock their potential in all aspects of their lives.”

In a statement to Women’s Wear Daily, the designer added, “Performance and style are at the heart of every piece Adidas by Stella McCartney creates, but we believe that this shouldn’t come at a cost to the planet. Our focus for this collection was to incorporate fabrics that help us get one step closer to our future goal of high-performing, sustainable performance wear.”

Grimes posted one of the photos from the campaign on her own Instagram and shared her daily training regime, which apparently involves several hours in a deprivation tank, a screaming session, an experimental eye surgery to remove all blue light from her field of vision and a humidifier.

“In the afternoons I do a 1-2 hour sword fighting session with my trainer, James Lew, we go over the fundamentals that work the obliques, core stabilizes, and triceps as well as a few tricks,” Grimes wrote, presumably jokingly. “To wind down from this I spend 30-45 minutes on an inclined hike at roughly 4-4.5 miles per hour, arguably the most efficient workout.”

The collection is currently available to pre-order on the Stella McCartney website. Grimes isn’t the only pop star with a collaboration in the works with McCartney, who unveiled a Beatles-inspired collection earlier this month. Recently Taylor Swift shared that she and the designer had teamed up for a line around her new album “Lover.”

“Watch this space, Stella and Taylor collaboration coming soon,” McCartney confirmed on Instagram.

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