Grayson Allen Trolled After Being Ejected From NBA Summer League Game For Back-To-Back Fouls

Memphis Grizzlies player Grayson Allen got massively trolled on Twitter after being ejected from a July 11 NBA Summer League game. Grayson committed not just one but two flagrant fouls during a single game.

The internet is going after Grayson Allen, 23, after the Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard’s behavior during an NBA Summer League game on July 11 in Las Vegas. Grayson was ejected in the fourth quarter of the game after his second flagrant foul of the night. He committed the two flagrant fouls in less than 10 seconds. Both flagrant fouls were against Boston Celtics rookie Grant Williams, 20. Grayson was also hit with a technical foul earlier in the game.

The refs issued Grayson’s first flagrant foul after he pushed Grant, who then stumbled to the ground. Grayson committed the second flagrant foul when Grant set a back screen on him, and then Grayson hit Grant in the head when Grant went for a layup attempt. After that, Grayson was tossed from the game. The Grizzlies ended up losing the game 87-113.

Grayson doesn’t exactly have the best reputation on the court and that’s why people took to Twitter to roast him after he was ejected. “I don’t think I’ve ever had an easier time rooting against someone than Grayson Allen. Massive prick,” one fan tweeted. Reporter James Toscano compared Grayson to Game of Thrones villain King Joffrey. Another fan tweeted, “Grayson Allen is really out here trying to hurt the nicest guy on the planet smh.”

Prior to his NBA career, Grayson played four years at Duke University under coach Mike Krzyzewski. Over the course of his time at Duke, Grayson was notorious for tripping opponents. One of the incidents led to a one-game suspension in 2017. He was also stripped of his team captaincy. He was selected 21st overall in the 2018 NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz and was traded to the Grizzlies in July 2019.

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