Get Into the Robot Like Shinji With the 'Eva' Entry Plug Sleeping Bag

For fans of Evangelion, the iconic anime franchise’s official merchandise store has now released an Entry Plug Sleeping Bag.

An Entry Plug is a capsule-like tube that houses a pilot in an EVA Unit, serving as the cockpit, the capsule is inserted into the spinal area of an EVA via a loading mechanism.

Modeled after Shinji Ikari’s Entry Plug used for EVA Unit-01, the padded sleeping bag measures 76.8 inches and comes with a zip closure. Each sleeping bag comes complete with a carrying cover that comes in a purple/green color scheme reminiscent of the look of EVA Unit-01.

Priced at ¥19,800 JPY (approximately $191 USD), the Entry Plug Sleeping Bag is available now on the Evangelion Store.

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