Genius fashion hacks the Royal Family follow to avoid wardrobe malfunctions

Let's be honest, we’ve all ended up with our skirts tucked into our knickers, left a sticker on our brand new heels or walked out without removing the label from a dress before, but it’s very rare that you see a Royal having a fashion disaster and there are a few reasons why.

The Royals are known for always looking pristine when it comes to their outfits, and let's not forget the strict dress protocol they swear by.

But with their lives firmly in the spotlight it's hard to believe that their wardrobe malfunctions never get captured, and it’s all down to these genius hacks…

Clutch bags

Ever wondered how the females of The Royal Family never reveal their cleavage while stepping out of their transfer like celebs? Princess Diana never left the house without a clutch bag if she was wearing anything slightly low cut.

She used it to cover her cleavage so paps didn’t capture her falling out and even her go-to clutch bag designer Anya Hindmarch famously called them ‘Cleavage Clutches’ – so clever.


We’re all aware of how slippy tights can be, and with them being vital to the royal dress code Kate Middleton found the perfect pair! They’re from John Lewis and feature silicone pads that stick to the inside of your high heels – and they’re only £5 here.


If you ever wondered how The Royals keep their hats firmly in place even on the windiest of days? Wonder no more, Princess Diana had combs inside to secure her hair so they stayed intact all day. That would be why she never looked a hair out of place.

There's only so much frizz ease can do for one's hair and we’ve always been curious as to where Kate’s fly-aways were when she wears her hair in a neat bun.

Well, it turns out she does sometimes wear discrete hairnets to keep her hair intact.

Weighted hem lines

One fashion hack you definitely need to know about is their weighted hem lines.

The weather has been all over the place at the minute, we’ve gone from heatwaves to torrential rain and wind meaning the idea of wearing dresses and skirts has been completely out the window.

For our royals, they add weights to their garments which means their hem lines are kept firmly down. No Royal needs a Marilyn moment in front of the cameras.

Another way The Royals prevent flashing a crowd their underwear is by opting for heavier and thicker fabrics such as tweed.


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton both often size up when it comes to their footwear particularly on the red carpet to avoid blisters – a fashion hack many A-listers follow too.

Kate Middleton is known for wearing sky high heels even when she has a full day of engagements too and it turns out she wears leather insoles to ensure her feet feel comfortable all day long.

We’re sure she’s still thankful to take them off after a full day of outings though.


It's known that Meghan more often than not opts for bodysuits instead of loose blouses so her top stays put. Remember that amazing Black Alexander McQueen blouse she wore with a chic white blouse? well turns out it was actually a body suit! She sure does know how to pull off a suit. It's also common for The royals to wear bodysuits and clothes that increase static so it's much harder for their clothes to fly up.

So there you have it, we think we might have to try a few of these genius hacks for ourselves…

*Amazon primes, silicone pads, hair nets, hem weights and leather insoles*

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