Funny text blunders will make you feel better about your own mishaps

Textual healing! Funny text blunders will make you feel a lot better about your own messaging mishaps

  • Ruin My Week has collected funny texting blunders from around the world 
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We all know the feeling of firing off a text message without thinking and regretting it afterwards – but sometimes the result is so funny it’s worth the embarrassment.          

Ruin My Week has put together a selection of funny messages from around the world, which help show how to see the best side of a mortifying situation.

One woman thought she had texted her ex-lover, Dave, and called him a d****** but it turned out to be her driving instructor.

Another message exchange shows two people from Vermont, discussing an item for sale with the would-be buyer haggling aggressively.

Someone’s boss messaged them and asked them to work overtime, and the person accidentally messaged the boss back and called them a very offensive term.

This British woman thought she texted her ex-lover named Dave, and called him a called him a d*******. But it turned out to be her driving instructor with the same name 

Another funny message saw someone’s classmate mistake a thermometer showing a high temperature for a pregnancy test.

In a rather bizarre exchange between two people in Germany, a man pretended to have been beaten up, but in reality he had just smothered strawberry jam on his face.

FEMAIL have gathered some of the most hilarious text messages sent that either will have you in stitches or cringing.

While a fourth wrote: ‘Unless the party was an ‘everyone wear white’ sort of wedding, or she lives somewhere where white isn’t the bride’s colour, then she was beyond rude.’

This person, from Vermont was not up for haggling today, and told a buyer to meet him in a comedy club because his offer was a joke

This person accidentally messaged their boss and called them a c*** after he asked them to work overtime 

Who is going to tell her? Becky thought the Rock and Dwayne Johnson were two separate people – one being a wrestler and the other, an actor 

Congratulations in order? Jeremy asked his classmate whether she was going into class tomorrow and when she sent him a picture of a thermometer, he mistook this for a pregnancy test 

This Facebook marketplace shopper in the US was not taking no for an answer when they set their sights on a second hand television  

This girl from the US drunk texted her mother with a rant about food – but at least she didn’t drunk dial an ex

Some people will do anything to get out of work, including this man in Germany who thought he’d convince his boss he’d been hurt in a fight  

 Awkward! A man from the UK ended up in a toe-curling exchange with his mother after his brother came home and had loud sex 

Jumping to conclusions! A woman from the US thought she was being propositioned when it was just a friendly text from her daughter  

This woman took to Twitter to show that her boyfriend hinted it was rude that she didn’t say ‘bless you’ after he sneezed

This woman took to Twitter to share a funny picture screenshot of her mother messaging her asking why she was smiling because she laughed at her phone

These two strangers from Ohio in the US bonded over bad traffic when one messaged the other from a car advert on their window

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