From no baths to bold paint jobs: Renovations that can devalue your property

A perk of being a home owner is that you can do what you want with it, no matter how bold your taste.

However, not everyone shares your tastes and the idea of having to undo all your work could put some buyers off.

So we have spoken to the experts to find out what areas you could easily fix to get more money in the long run.

Textured walls and ceilings

A staple of yesteryear, textured ceilings and walls have not aged well.

Gregory Smith from PriceYourJob said: ‘This trend lasted for decades, as it was the perfect way to hide any imperfections on the walls or ceilings.

‘However, trends change, and most potential buyers now prefer smooth ceilings and walls.

‘If your walls or ceiling is textured, buyers may be more wary of purchase as they may suspect damage to the property. Instead of losing a sell, repair the damage as this will maintain your property’s value and be cheaper in the long run.’

Bold paint colours

If you have slightly less conventional wall colours, you might want to paint over it with a more neutral shade.

Gregory said: ‘Nothing changes the appearance of a room quicker than the addition of paint.

‘A bad colour choice can instantly make a large room look smaller and unattractive to potential buyers. The darker the colour (for instance, red, black, pinks, orange and purple), the more primer it will take to cover up, which will be expensive for new buyers.

‘Keep things neutral and bright, opting for colours such as cream, light grey, and sage. These colours are more likely to match everyone’s taste, and uphold the value of your property.’

Hobby rooms

While having a home gym or cinema might be perfect for you, it’s not likely to be every buyer’s cup of tea.

Gregory said: ‘A home gym, cinema or zen space are all great ideas if you’re looking to stay in your current home forever

‘However, if your intention is to sell, buyers could be looking for a space that is beneficial to them, rather than a space that is designed to your personal taste.

‘Houses that sell faster are far more bland, as people can imagine themselves living in spaces that are not too personalised.’

Statement tiles

As with vibrant paint colours, bold tiles may also be a barrier. Removing and replacing them is way harder for any prospective buyer who doesn’t share your tastes to remove.

Gregory said: ‘For new buyers this will be incredibly expensive to remove and if done incorrectly, it could damage the drywall.

‘If the tiles are badly laid, they have more chance of cracking and creating an outdated look- even if your house is modern.

‘If you really like the look of tiles, keep it consistent throughout the house and stick to neutral colours and simple patterns. Avoid tiling living areas and bedrooms for a better aesthetic.’

Removing the bath

While not everybody loves baths, there are enough people who can’t do without them to make having at least one in your home a good idea.

Gregory said: ‘With space at a premium, you may think getting rid of the bathtub will make your bathroom more appealing to potential buyers.

‘Whilst it may make the space larger, a bathtub is considered essential for many families – especially those with children or pets. A bathtub, alongside a shower for quicker washes, are both considered to be necessities to many.

‘You may still get the same price for the property if you do remove the bathtub, but it could take longer to sell. The risk is that the longer your house is on the market, the more potential buyers can haggle the overall purchase price lower.’

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