Fired Grey's Anatomy actor slams Patrick Dempsey as a ‘narcissist’ & rips Ellen Pompeo as ‘disgusting and disrespectful'

FIRED Grey’s Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington slammed Patrick Dempsey as a “raging narcissist.”

He also ripped Ellen Pompeo as “disgusting and disrespectful” in a series of new scathing tweets.

Years after he was fired from the hit ABC medical show, Isaiah has taken to Twitter to make a number of claims against his former costars.

In response to a fan that said Patrick, 55, was fired from the show due to being late to set, the 58-year-old actor replied: “You actually believe that’s why his contract wasn’t renewed? @PatrickDempsey needed cover. Ntm it’s insanely aggro to yell at cast members after repeatedly being late when ur literally not in charge. @PatrickDempsey is a raging narcissist!”

Isaiah- who starred as Dr. Preston Burke for the show’s first three seasons- concluded the tweet with the hashtag #PrivlegeViolation.

The actor was famously fired from Grey’s Anatomy following claims he outed costar T.R. Knight, 48.

At the time, it was said that he called the actor who played George O'Malley a homophobic slur.

Patrick was not the only former costar Isiah called out on Twitter recently.


In another tweet from Monday, the controversial called Ellen, 51, “disrespectful and disgusting.”

Isaiah wrote: “I only had maybe 7 scenes with @EllenPompeo for the 3 years I was on the show. Executives told @shondarhimes to limit my scenes with her, because I dominated them and revealed her mediocre talent. So I’m a b**h, because I’m talented?”

He continued in a following tweet: “This is the Queen that the world loves? A white woman that publicly disparages a black man and former cast mate? She’s insane and grossly insecure. She’s disrespectful and disgusting actually.”


While he recently shared photos of an email chain that detailed the casts' per-episode fees and a separate settlement agreement, Isaiah previously called out Ellen for her past settlement to "protect" Patrick.

He claimed in a November 7 tweet: "There’s no way that @EllenPompeo can recover from her recent remarks about Denzel Washington and her $2MM settlement as 'hush money' to protect @PatrickDempsey and ensure her $20MM beyond Season 10. @ABCNetwork should just cut their losses before November 10th or risk more damage."

In a post from November 2 that included photos of legal documents, Isaiah tweeted: "@EllenPompeo each day that you and @PatrickDempsey try to ‘ignore’ my allegations with the multiple emails and multiple screenshots of secret agreements, y’all’s brands/credibility erodes immeasurably.

"The World and I are waiting for a response. What? Cat got y’all’s tongues?"


Isaiah even shared that he is trying to be sued by the show's team in a Twitter post on Saturday, writing: "Sandra Oh will be deposed if I can only get @EllenPompeo and @PatrickDempsey to sue me! I’m doing my absolute best to be SUED."

Sandra Oh starred as Isaiah's love interest Dr. Cristina Yang, while she left the show at the end of season 10.

The actor wasn't done slamming Ellen, as he said on Sunday that he would return to the show if the actress behind Meredith Grey is fired.

Alongside a photo of Isaiah and Sandra in a scene, he wrote: "I’m happy to return to @GreysABC as Dr. Burke once @EllenPompeo is finally gone. I’m sure we could get to your anticipated 20th Season with me as the Lead. Who knows…even Sandra Oh would join me, but @EllenPompeo has to go and you know why. #Burke20."

The actor also made sure to call out T.R. in the series of tweets, as he wrote on Saturday: "TR is a LIAR and he is going to be exposed too."

None of the actors called out by Isaiah have publicly responded to his claims.

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