‘Fantasy Island’: Charlotte McKinney, Jason Blum & More Reveal Why This Scary Movie Is Perfect For Valentine’s Day

‘Fantasy Island’, Blumhouse’s scary reboot of the classic TV show, hits theaters on Feb. 14. We spoke to the cast at the premiere this week and found out why this is a good pick for date night.

Fantasy Island, directed by Jeff Wadlow, is a film reboot of a spooky Seventies TV show. In it, just like in the classic, a nefarious Mr. Roarke — played by Michael Pena — invites guests to his tropical island and then turns their fantasies against them. Producer Jason Blum, 50, explained EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife on Feb. 11 at the L.A. premiere, why he wanted to reboot the classic TV show. “I loved the show when I was a kid and I was always kind of creeped out by the show and the notion of taking a show and flirting with horror and scary, which is what the TV show does, and then just leaning right into it and making a super scary version of Fantasy Island was very interesting. And that’s why we made the movie.”

The founder of Blumhouse studios is arguably the king of scary movies.  And he admitted to us that he’s to blame for plenty of nightmares, having brought us classics like Halloween, Paranormal Activity and The Purge. “I have nightmares every night, ask my wife. I mean how could I not have nightmares, all I do is make other people have nightmares so it’s only fair that I have them myself.”

There are plenty of scary moments in the thriller so it’s not shock that Austin Stowell, 35, who plays Randall, told HL he’d never want to visit Mr. Roarke’s Fantasy Island in real life. “In this movie the Island gives you what you want, but it also gives you what you need. And what you need is not exactly what you want all the time. So if I was to go to Fantasy Island I would not want any of my fantasies to come true because there’s going to be wacky guys with masks trying to shoot me and kill me eventually. I don’t want to go.”

Although the movie is definitely not a romantic comedy,  Charlotte McKinney, 26, who plays a Aphrodite, explained to HL why it’s actually a “fun” choice for a Valentine’s Day date. “If you don’t want to go on a cheesy date go see a scary movie, go for a thriller and have some fun on Fantasy Island.”

The stunning blonde shared her happiness at being a part of the project, not least because it was shot in paradise. “The cast was amazing. I got to go to Fiji and I had never been and working with Jeff Wadlow was really exciting, we’ve always talked about working together and this was kind of the perfect project. It was amazing… I just had such a fun time with Ryan and Jimmy and Jeff and it was just such a fun group of people and it was a dream, it was a fantasy.”

Charlotte also opened up to HL about her Valentine’s Day plans this year. “I don’t normally like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s never been one of my favorite holidays. But I can get into the spirit and do a nice dinner. Keep it simple.” As for whether she’ll be enjoying that dinner with “someone special” Charlotte played it coy and just told HL “maybe.”

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