Eight-year-old designs ‘isolation schooling’ drawing activity with 42 prompts

As the coronavirus worsened this week, parents are now in lockdown with their children all across the UK.

This means navigating not only the difficult task of homeschooling, but educating while trying to work from home.

Not an easy task.

While ’isolation schooling’ could continue for weeks, or even months, parents refuse to allow their kids learning to take a hit.

One mum shared her little girl’s genius idea which will occupy kids and give parents a little time to work.

She posted a snap of her daughter’s drawing competition activity to the Facebook group Plan C where parents were thrilled to try it out.

She wrote: “My eight-year-old daughter made this 42 day drawing challenge and she’d love for other people to use it!”

In the photo, her clever little girl had created a grid of drawing prompts – enough for one per day for the next six weeks.


The creative child wrote at the top of the sheet: “Competition time!

“While you’re in self-isolation, grab your colourful pens and pencils and draw!

“During your 42 days of isolation, enter this drawing competition and start doodling amazing doodles!”

The fun prompts included: “Draw your dream pet in real life.”

As well as: “You’re having new bedroom… design your room.”

And: “Draw your favourite emoji’s and make up your own.”

Other parents on the group – which was created to allow parents to share their isolation schooling techniques – loved the idea.

One mum said: “My ten-year-old is up for doing this!”

Another said: “What a clever idea, well done.”

A third added: “This is brilliant, thank you for sharing, and well done to your daughter for creating this.”

Some were stunned at the eight-year-olds ability.

One woman asked: “Eight years old! Wow, did you write it down for her or is that her hand writing too?

“Either way it’s very impressive.”

To which the mum said: “ She’s eight and a half, but yes it’s all her own work and idea.

“It was completely unprompted and I was astonished when she showed it to me.”

Other children soon began submitting their entries to the prompts.

One little girl drew her dream pet, a “slothathorn” hybrid of a sloth and a unicorn – it’s rainbow design is adorable.

Another submitted a “lionbirdicorn” – a lion/bird/unicorn cross who “lives in the enchanted forest in South America”.

Looks like lots of kids will stretch their imaginations with this creative activity.

And, maybe mum and dad will get an hour of interrupted time to work…

Well, we can dream!

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