Eco-company sells 'reusable toilet paper' for £21.50 a roll

Running out of toilet paper is up there with some of the most irritating burdens of living alone. 

But would you ever buy reusable toilet roll?

An eco-friendly company, Net Zero, is now selling cloth loo roll that can be washed and used over and over again. 

All you need to do is put it through the washing machine, much like reusable cotton pads for removing makeup.

The product, which comes in a pack of 24, has been touted not just as an environmentally friendly swap, but also a money-saving hack to help with the cost of living crisis, which has seen toilet paper prices increase by as much as £1 in some supermarkets. 

Net Zero’s cloth toilet roll costs just £21.50 and is supposed to be a one-off purchase.

‘You don’t have to practice good hygiene at the planet’s expense, this alternative fits on any standard toilet paper roll and easily re-rolls to hold its shape,’ the site’s product description reads. 

It suggests using the cloth dry if you’re having a number one and slightly dampening it with water for a number two.

Collect each individual piece in a hamper and machine wash them with hot water, with the option of presoaking in vinegar or cleaning solution, at least twice a week.

Sounds easy, but potential customers are grossed out by the idea of reusing toilet paper.

‘Not everything is meant to be reusable,’ one person said, simply.

Others implied the product was unsanitary: ‘If I saw this in someone’s house I would leave and never come back,’ they said. ‘I know it stinks in there.’

Another person said: ‘Imagine the smell and colour of this thing after you use it for one month.’

One customer even questioned the usefulness of the product in terms of protecting the environment.

‘If we’re talking about pollution, the water from flushing is the problem, not the toilet paper,’ they said.

‘All this does is increase water usage and make you more likely to catch diseases.’

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