Dirty-minded Brits in stitches after condoms shelved on sore throat aisle

Brits were left in fits of giggles when some condoms were shelved in a supermarket section named ‘sore throat’.

The dirty minded amongst us had a field day when the stock of rubbers was placed on the wrong shelf in a Tesco supermarket.

Usually put with other intimate products like lube, the boxes of condoms of varying flavours made a journey to the section for throat-related problems.

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And, of course, shoppers have made a rather naughty connection.

The recirculated snap originally posted four years ago, recently was posted onto meme Twitter page ‘No Context Brits’.

A big green sign reading ‘sore throat’ was hung above the condom packets, which were placed above throat soothers and flu relief products.

Cheekily, Brits made the correlation between the condoms and oral sex.

Left in stitches at the rubbers being shelved with sore throat remedies, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the stocking decision.

One person commented: “Spot on!”

Another user added: “Can't stop laughing!”

While a third person giggled: “Wishful thinking.”

Someone else chuckled: “I wonder why?”

Meanwhile, a fifth person declared: “Why I [love] Britain.”

These cheekily placed condoms were not the first things dirty-minded Brits had a chuckle about.

Previously, people spotted a rather naughty looking ornament on the shelves of B&M – although it is supposed to be completely innocent.

And, after people realised what it looks like, people can’t “unsee” the X-rated feature.

Now, you must be thinking how can a sweet garden ornament of a pooch look like it should have its own OnlyFans – and we had the same thought process before we laid our eyes on the bargain lawn decoration.

Eagle-eyed Claire O'Donohoe was doing a spot of shopping in B&M where she first came across the dog ornament with a bulb attached.

However, the light source was put in a rather dodgy place. It looked like the bulb was it’s penis…

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