Delivery driver on outrageous things theyve seen including half-naked customers

You may not think the job of supermarket delivery driver may be that exciting.

However, Paul Lang, who began delivering supermarket goods during the pandemic in July 2020, begs to differ.

Paul, 53, is trained as a documentary cameraman, however turned to delivering items as the coronavirus pandemic hit.

He has written a book about his experiences called From Hollywood to Cricklewood: Delivering during a Pandemic.

Paul is used to travelling and visiting some of the most remote locations in the world in his cameraman job.

So you may think he'd be bored as a delivery driver – but he begs to differ.

He claims you have a 'unique window into someone’s life' when delivering goods.

And not all of it is pretty…

Talking to Fabulous, Paul said: "One time a man in his eighties answered the door wearing rubber gloves, a face mask, a transparent apron and old flip flops held onto his feet by parcel tape – and nothing else.

"I didn’t quite know where to look!

"Another time in lockdown one woman I met looked visibly upset, and told me her husband was dying, but she wasn’t allowed to go and see him.

"I wanted to give this complete stranger a hug – right in front of me was what the pandemic meant for thousands of people."

Another time Paul says a customer in lockdown answered the door, which had a sheet of polythene over the entrance.

He said he could make out his distorted figure behind it wearing an orange boiler suit with a full-face gas mask on with canisters on the side, thick rubber gloves and a hood.

"It was like an image from a 1970s Post-Apocalyptic film and his hallway was full of stacks of unopened bottled water and the walls were lined with packets of toilet roll," he said.

Paul also says he has to deal will his fair share of rude customers.

However, he says there are the lovely ones too, such as the lady who brought him out a Tunnock’s Tea Cake on a plate to say thank you for delivering her goods.

Sounds like the role has certainly been keeping him busy!

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