Couple to have Xmas dinner naked – next to fully clothed daughter, 15, and mum

While many of us are looking forward to cosying up in our festive pyjamas and jumpers this week, one couple are getting excited to indulge in a very naked little Christmas.

Helen and Simon Berriman decorate their tree, open presents, cook and eat their roast dinner while being completely starkers.

They love to get naked for the big day – and they keep their kit off even if they have guests for dinner.

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Even though the pair enjoy a naturist Christmas, they will also be joined by Helen's mother and 15-year-old daughter, but the pair are the only ones who like to strip off.

Helen said: "We're looking forward to another naked Christmas this year.

"Some people do look at us like we're completely mad, especially when they find out that we host Christmas, but we're all about accepting your body and everybody feeling comfortable.

"My teenage daughter and my mum both totally accept our lifestyle, and they really don't think twice now when we answer the door in all our glory."

Simon had been a naturist for some time when they met and soon convinced Helen to join him.

She eventually left her job as manager of an opticians to spend her time writing for a nudist magazine.

Even though the big change tickled a few feathers at first, she said people are now really supportive of their lifestyle.

Her daughter, and other family members, won't be joining her any time soon, but the mum said the arrangement works for them.

She said some people have made "unkind comments" in the past, and have also suggested they're swingers, but she said it's different to what people think.

Helen said: "When I first got together with Simon, he told me he preferred to live a clothing-optional lifestyle.

"I told him that was fine by me, but he had to wear clothes when he was around the house, and I didn't want any part of it.

"After a while, he started allowing himself to be 'caught' naked around the house – 'forgetting' I'd be home early, and still walking around naked.

"I was more concerned as to whether it bothered my daughter, but when I asked her, she said it really didn't bother her at all.

"When I was furloughed in 2020, I realised that Simon worked from home naked anyway, and then he started being naked in the back garden in full view of the neighbours.

"I was mortified, but then I realised that they really didn't care.

"Then I realised, if they don't care, why should I?'"

He later asked Helen if she'd go to a reverse life painting event with him where she would be the clothed model, and all the artists would be naked.

She agreed, though she admitted she didn't know where to look at the time.

In the end she actually relaxed into it, and she later learnt the group were a "lovely, normal bunch of people."

"I decided to whip my dress off too," she added.

"And amazingly, nothing bad happened. Nobody was sick and nobody was judging.

"I realised I'd wasted 20 years of my life worrying about what people think I should be wearing.

"Everyone has scars and stretchmarks – it's just nice not to have to worry about covering them up.

"It's even helped my daughter form a healthy attitude to body image too.

"Now, I can't imagine spending Christmas any other way then in our birthday suits!"


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