Chris Pratt blasted for 'sexist' post about Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt is accused of ‘sexism’ after Instagram post in which he called WIFE Katherine Schwarzenegger his ‘greatest treasure’

  • Chris, 41, posted a photo of himself with wife Katherine, 31, on November 2
  • He gushed over the doting way she’s looking at him in the snap, how she ‘helps him with everything’ and is his ‘greatest treasure’ next to a favorite baseball card
  • Yet he joked about her chewing ‘so loudly’ and said he may not get her a birthday present when she turns 32 in six weeks
  • Chris also shared gratitude for their ‘gorgeous healthy daughter’ 
  • Commenters have called the post ‘gross’ and ‘narcissistic,’ with one saying it ‘fills up a toxic Christian man bingo card’
  • Several have slammed him for not mentioning his nine-year-old son Jack, who was born two months prematurely and suffered health problems
  • He was also accused of making an ‘ableist’ dig at Jack by boasting about his and Katherine’s ‘healthy’ daughter, who was born last year  

Chris Pratt is being slammed as ‘sexist,’ ‘gross,’ and a ‘narcissist’ for a recent Instagram post in which he gushed over his ‘greatest treasure,’ wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. 

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old shared a snap of himself with his 31-year-old bride, adding an effusive caption about his love for her.

But while family and friends of the couple have found his words sweet and heartwarming, other comments have poured in from critics who find his words ‘disturbing’ — and have accused him of talking about Katherine as if she is his ‘possession.’

Many have also taken issue with how Chris praised Katherine for giving him a ‘gorgeous healthy daughter,’ one-year-old Lyla Maria Pratt, which they’ve interpreted as a cruel ableist dig at his nine-year-old son Jack, who was born two months prematurely and suffered health problems.

The look: Chris Pratt, 41, posted a photo of himself with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, 31, on November 2

Hearts: He gushed over the doting way she’s looking at him in the snap, how she ‘helps him with everything’ and is his ‘greatest treasure’ next to a favorite baseball card 

‘Guys. For real. Look how she’s looking at me! I mean. Find you somebody that looks at you like that!! You know!?’ Chris wrote, referencing Katherine’s adoring gaze in the image.

‘We met in church,’ he went on. ‘She’s given me an amazing life, a gorgeous healthy daughter, she chews so loudly that sometimes I put in my ear buds to drown it out, but that’s love!’

‘She helps me with everything. In return, periodically, I open a jar of pickles. That’s the trade. 

‘Her heart is pure and it belongs to me. My greatest treasure right next to my Ken Griffey Jr Upper Deck Rookie card. Which if you know, you know is saying a lot,’ he added, referencing the Hall of Fame player who starred for the Seattle Mariners after being drafted number one and the Cincinnati Reds.

‘It’s her birthday in about 6 weeks. So if I don’t get her anything, I’ll tell her to look back on this post. Love you honey,’ Chris concluded along with a pair of red heart emojis.

The post has earned over 2.1 million likes, with supportive comments from Katherine’s mom Maria Shriver, Billy Bush, Jason Kennedy, Terry Crews, and former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, among others.

Katherine certainly seems to approve, and shared his post in her Instagram Stories. 

But of the thousands of comments that have poured in, many have a less-than-positive read of Chris’ posts, with critics calling him out as sexist, ‘sh***y,’ ‘gross,’ and ‘narcissistic’ for the language he used to talk about his wife — and the unflattering behaviors he seemed to admit to.

‘It’s only cool if you’re looking at her the same man,’ wrote one.

‘I really don’t think this is as great of a post as you think it is,’ commented another with a string of red flag emojis. 

‘This appears to be a hostage situation,’ wrote yet another, while one more said: ‘What in the male audacity.’

Not impressed: Commenters have called the post ‘gross’ and ‘narcissistic,’ with one saying it ‘fills up a toxic Christian man bingo card’

Several were put off by the way he compared her to a baseball card, with one asking, ‘Did you just describe your wife as a possession?’ 

‘This one post could fill up a toxic Christian man bingo card,’ wrote someone else, explaining that Pratt made ‘a weird purity/ownership comment about her’ and gushed ‘about how much your wife does for you for almost nothing in return.’

Others agreed that it was odd that he was so ready to admit he didn’t do much for his wife.

‘Sir…..why are you proud of doing absolutely nothing for your wife and making a dig at not only your ex wife but also your son???? yikes,’ said one.

Quite a few remarked on how, even in a loving post, Chris chose to name something he didn’t like about Katherine — and also urged him to actually get her a birthday gift.

‘Next time you compliment your wife, reconsider the pathetic negging and the casual disrespect. And by all means, make sure you get her something in about six weeks. That’s more than enough time,’ said one.

Former couple: Anna Faris and ex-husband Chris are shown in July 2014 in Hollywood at the premiere of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Kiddo: Several have slammed him for not mentioning his nine-year-old son Jack, whom he shares with ex-wife Anna

Other commenters were fixated on how Chris called out his wife and the daughter they share but didn’t mention his son, Jack, whom he shares with ex-wife Anna Farris.

‘I cant wait to say this about my second family,’ wrote one.

‘Did you somehow forget about your son???’ asked another, while a third wrote, ‘Did you forget you have another child?’

‘Great, but besides your rookie card you do have another child,’ yet another chimed in, while one more lectured, ‘Your greatest treasure is your children. Plural. 2 kids.’

‘What about your beautiful son…? As the child of someone who basically forgot I existed when my younger sibling came along that someone else gave him, it f***in sucks to be treated as lesser than or to have my mom treated as such, too. Just saying,’ said yet another.

‘It’s so precious. It almost makes us forget how quickly you abandoned your last family to get this one. God is good, right,’ wrote one more.

Some commenters zeroed in on Chris’ use of the word ‘healthy’ to describe his daughter. Jack was born two months prematurely and has had some health problems

Some particularly upset commenters zeroed in on Chris’ use of the word ‘healthy’ to describe his daughter, which they considered insensitive to his son.

Jack was born two months prematurely, weighing just three pounds, 12 ounces. He spent a month in the NICU and has severe brain bleeding.

He went on to have a few hernia and eye surgeries, and also had ‘a little heart issue,’ according to Anna. He still has problems with his vision and leg muscles. 

‘A gorgeous “healthy” daughter?’ wrote one commenter. ‘Seems like a weird thing to say. It’s weird when his other child was born prematurely and had health issues. It’s an insensitive thing to say IMO.’

‘I notice the emphasis on her “giving” you a “healthy” child. It seems your first child wasn’t good enough,’ wrote another.

‘Why mention she gave you a healthy daughter? Are you bitter that your son was premature and has health issues?? Thats such a passive aggressive statement,’ commented someone else.

‘As a special needs parent, you triggered me when you said she gave you a “healthy” daughter,’ chimed in another critic. ‘Like implying your last wife didn’t? Your kiddo has special needs and he’s special and healthy too! You should praise her for everything she’s been thru. And him too. Just sayin’, that wasn’t Christian-like, dude.’ 

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