‘Cancer I’m coming to get you – and so are Liam Gallagher and The Killers’

I've walked (crawled in parts) the Yorkshire three peaks.

Without doubt the most gruelling physical challenge I have ever taken part in – and I am no hurry to do that one again.

Thiry plus of my family and friends joined me on the challenge.

Some nailed it, some struggled soooo badly, some finished after peak one and some got a taxi back after peak two (believe me, I was tempted to do the same).

It was the hottest day of the year and as I climbed the second peak, I wondered how the hell I was going to finish all three. It was SO HARD.

As I stomped in the blistering heat, I asked myself why as I was bonkers enough to be doing this whilst on chemo, with low bloods and a dodgy hip – and of course the answer just made me stomp harder.

I thought back to when they told me it was incurable and  of that pain.

That pain at the thought of leaving my Ivy was excruciating.

The three Peaks were not a single patch on that torture.

The pain in my hip, the blisters on the soles of my feet and the sweat drenching my whole entire body could never ever come close to the agony I went through last year.

I got through that though didn’t I?

So of COURSE I wasn’t going to let a few mountains quash my fight. Giddy up!

We walked with a small group of us as everyone went at their own pace.

There was my brother, my dad, my Michael and my childhood friends; Kelly and Louise.

They all kept me going so brilliantly. They were patient, funny, encouraging and emotional.

Michael even physically pushed me up some of the gruelling parts. My hero!

My dad was there – championing me as he always does and putting absolutely no pressure on me and just making me feel so utterly proud of myself…which of course I bloody AM.

Kelly did an update and I have to let you read this part because I love it.

She said: "Roisín Pelan you are my inspiration looking down at you on the second peak and seeing you lie down on that mother******* mountain broke me.

"Then of course –  you got back up and kept on going. All I can say is thank you because that moment was precious to me and whenever I feel like I want to give up with anything I will remember that one moment”.

I’m blowing my own trumpet there but everyone needs to blow their own every now and again.

For me, to have that sort of love surrounding me on the day was magical.

Thank you to each and every single person who helped to be part of it. Ahhh isn’t it good to be alive!

We camped out that night and the biggest reward without doubt was watching my girl sleeping next to me and then opening her eyes with the most beautiful smile on thsi earth. My girl.

We have raised almost £8,000 pounds for Cancer Research UK. Isn’t that just staggering?!

And we’re not stopping there. I will fundraise for this cure until they day I die (which is a lonnng way off by the way).

I think of where I would be without the wonders of science and it’s not a nice place.

In the 1970’s four in 10 women diagnosed with breast cancer survived their disease beyond 10 years, now it’s around 8 in 10. HOLY S***.

Advances in research are being made as I type. Let’s get that eight in 10 to bloody 10 in 10 and keep donating.

Then it was Glastonbury – a festival I have still unbelievably never been to.

The line up this year was incredible and a couple of breast cancer heroes of mine got special mentions and song dedications – the first; Lauren Mahon (Girl Vs Cancer) had motherflippin LIAM GALLAGHER dedicate ’Slideaway’ to her (tuuuuune).

She danced on the shoulders of her ridiculously excited mates and she lived out a DREAM.

She was there because she got out of breast cancer alive and she lives her life so TRIUMPHANTLY now. That is what it is alllll about.

In contrast, Rachel Bland (You, Me, Big C) had her own beautiful dedication this weekend from The Killers – A Dustland Fairytale.

Only she wasn’t on the shoulders of her friends and she wasn’t living her best life.

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