Camilla so ‘precious’ to young Charles because she was ‘wise, older, emotionally mature’

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Camilla and Charles have been friends for almost 50 years and married for 15. Meeting in 1970, the couple have always been close and it has been a relationship inspiring many headlines.

Their friendship and romance has stood the test of time, and an expert told why Camilla is so “precious” to the heir to the throne.

Sami Wunder, whose expertise has appeared on the BBC, in Forbes, Time and others, told Charles had a crucial deicison to make when choosing a wife.

“Let’s face it,” she said, “As the future heir to the throne it’s no joke being in the role Charles is.

“You have a lot of scrutinies, a lot of limelight, a lot of pressure.

“So, it really matters what partner you choose for yourself.”

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There is a reason Camilla presented such an attractive prospect to a young Charles, the expert claims.

It is because she was savvy, understood the aristocracy, and was a little older than Charles.

Sami went on: “Having this kind of wisdom and maturity and sensitivity to his role as the heir to the throne is priceless to a man.

“Prince Charles has always said Camilla really gets him, and this is such a powerful bonding factor between a man and a woman, especially a man who is in such a role where he feels his partner understands his pressures.”

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Camilla is around a year and a half older than Charles.

She and the Prince have been subject to a wave of online abuse since season four of The Crown aired on Netflix.

The season, which featured Charles’ relationship with Diana as a central story line, saw Clarence House turn of responses to its tweets.

Body language expert Judi James spoke with about the recent events.

The expert told “Up until recently Camilla was at the peak of her powers as a royal.

“Her body language has always reflected a sense of anxiety and wariness in public.”

Judi went on: “She had begun to emerge as a royal power-broker in her own right, taking on visits, appearances and speeches without her husband by her side to offer protection and support, and her signals of confidence had increased to the point where she had begun to look like a viable monarch and influencer in her own right.”

However, according to the expert, The Crown has set Camilla back in this remit.

“Then The Crown came along and Camilla’s role in the Diana story was regurgitated, reminding older people who might have started to forget the tragedy and astonishing younger people who might never have heard the details.

“The effect of this was to shine a spotlight on this time in her life, and the impact may have been to undo some of the slow-grown confidence that Camilla had begun to signal and to see her retreat slightly into Charles’s shadow again.”

Camilla and Charles have taken part in a number of royal outings amid the pandemic.

Most recently they watched the Salvation Army perform with the Queen.

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