Brooklyn Beckham & Nicola Peltz Are Being Sued Over Their 2022 Wedding

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz tied the knot last year, but the newlyweds are still engaged in a lawsuit over their ceremony.

Earlier this month, Nicola’s father filed a lawsuit against wedding planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba in an effort to get his £132,000 ($214,000 USD) deposit back. The lawsuit, which was filed in Florida, claims the wedding planners were three weeks before the wedding over a series of mishaps.

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However, the wedding planners have fired back with their own countersuit, claiming that Nelson is in breach of contract as well as interfered with a business deal.

Even though the billionaire reportedly paid for his daughter’s $4 million nuptials, Nicola is also being named in the counterclaim alongside her mother, Claudia Peltz, and wedding designer Rishi Petal for damages of £41,000 ($50,000 USD) as well as thousands in unpaid costs.

The Peltz apparently hired the wedding planners’ company, Plan Design Events, in February 2022, only six weeks before the nuptials, which had over 500 guests. They agreed to a lump fee of £264,000 ($427,000 USD), though half was to be paid up front.

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The Peltz family had originally hired Preston Bailey as the wedding planner, but he left after a year of organization, claiming that his schedule was overpacked.

However, Plan Design Events say things quickly took a negative turn when communication became challenging, and the bride’s family had too many unrealistic requests.

For their part, Nicola’s parents claim the wedding planners had left many major things undone within weeks of the wedding. Court documents claim the guest list was unfinished, travel arrangements weren’t booked, and the flowers, cake, and hair and makeup team weren’t confirmed yet.

The Nelson family says they fired the wedding planners out of fear things wouldn’t be sorted out in time for the nuptials. Conversely, Plan Design Events say it was unfairly let go and wants to be paid fairly.

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The counterclaim focuses on Nicola’s behavior, which was deemed unreasonable. Text messages between the bride and wedding planners reveal Nicola’s gripes with the planning.

“This is not what I asked for. I ASKED FOR OUR INVITE LIST. IN. VITE. NOT. RSVP. Can u manage to send that to me,” one text message Nicola sent the planners said.

Court documents also reveal the wedding planners accuse Nicola’s father of a “acting like a billionaire bully.’ The case remains ongoing.

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