Brits face council tax hikes of up to £2,000 – but could be overpaying

Thousands of Brits are worrying about their bills as they face council tax hikes of up to £2,000 on top of the rise in living costs that’s tearing through people’s savings.

Councils were given approval to hike taxes up by a whopping 5% in April of this year.

Meaning that next month, households will be slapped with bigger bills as councils try to pay for growing social care and police costs.

Depending on the council tax band you’re in you might face bills of an enormous £2,100 per year.

While the average household will pay £65 more than they have this year, according to the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

Families who live in the North East will pay the most with the average band D property bill in the region being landed with a 3.5% rise to £2,105.95.

While families in Greater London face the largest rise in costs of 3.7% – and will pay an average of £1,682.56.

Your council tax band will determine the amount that you pay.

You’ll sit in one of a number of designations from Band A to Band H – you can check which band you are in on the website.

Thanks to the hike, many families will be stressed about how to pay when the cost of food, energy and petrol is also skyrocketing.

But, there are some actions you can take to bring your bill down – if you are eligible.

Check them out below to see if you can save money…

Apply for a tax reduction

People on low-incomes, who claim certain benefits, care for others ot who have children may be able to get their bill reduced by as much as 100% in some cases.

Carers and people with disabilities can have their council tax slashed by between 25% and 50%.

While students do not pay anything at all with a full exemption from the bill.

Any reduction will depend on:

  • Your location
  • Circumstances – income, children, benefits, status of residency
  • Household income – including partner’s income, pensions and savings
  • Number of children in the household
  • Number of adults in the household

Contact your local authority to find out if you are eligible for a reduction or to apply for your rate to be reduced.

Change your council tax band

If you manage to change the band your home is in then you could get thousands back in a refund and hundreds off your annual bill.

Up to 400,000 properties are thought to be in the wrong band.

However, beware applying if you think your house might be deemed to be in a cheaper band than the council thinks it should be.

This could make your bill go up instead.

Firstly, check what your neighbours are paying and the valuation of properties in your area.

Or, use the MoneySavingExpert’s calculator tool to check what band you should be put in.

If you think you should be paying less then contact the Valuation Office Agency.

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