Brides savage ad offers money to take narcissistic mother-in-law to wedding

Weddings are supposed to be the best day of your life, but sometimes there can be drama.

One bride is trying to avoid all trouble after fearing her mother-in-law would upstage her at the wedding.

The woman is desperate to have a smooth day that she's offered to pay someone to keep her partner's mum on her best behaviour.

She took to Craiglist to post an advert offering $1,000 (£720) to attend the wedding to field her mother-in-law's potential drama.

Also the bride is asking for the potential candidate to be aged between 40 and 60.

The ad, which was later shared on Reddit, explained the bride's mother-in-law "needs constant attention and supervision".

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It read: "Your job is simply to distract and de-escalate.

"Flatter her for two days and make an easy $1,000 (£720)."

But the bride isn't just looking for anyone, she wants someone with an extensive list of attributes.

She added: "You: Conversationalist, de-escalator, good dancer, experience with narcissists a plus, able to pretend to be a guest interested in sitting with/dancing with MIL (mother-in-law), able to give her your undivided attention, had own suit to wear."

In return the happy couple would provide "conversation topics" and "background information" as well as a hotel room, food and travel expenses.

The bride asked people to send a photo of themselves as well as a quick blurb indicating their interest and qualifications.

She continued: "You will also need to be able to be OK with us running a background check on you just for safety's sake."

Since it was shared on Reddit, many weren't so sure of the bride's requests with one calling it "so tacky".

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Another commented: "Jesus. That sounds like a job for a hostage negotiator!"

Meanwhile others loved the idea, with one writing: "When I read it, I immediately thought of my husband.

"He is amazing at de-escalating situations and he would be fantastic at this. He deals with my crazy mum all the time for free."

A second user joked: "This is just asking to be a romantic comedy. Netflix where you at?"

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