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WHILE many of us are turning to gas options, the traditional charcoal grill remains popular – and there are many versions out there that won't break the bank.

Whether its juicy burgers, sizzling steaks or crispy chicken, it will all taste amazing on our selection of the best charcoal barbecues available on the market now.

Charcoal BBQs are notoriously more difficult to light, while food takes longer to cook  – so why do we bother?

Essentially, because you'll never be able to achieve that distinctive smoky flavour with gas.

Another point in charcoal’s favour is that it’s a more fulfilling way to cook your food, giving you the feeling that you somehow tamed nature, even if it's just for an afternoon.

At its heart, it's just a tray in which you burn charcoal, but the best BBQs have some personality, with exciting designs that will impress your guests.

More costly versions also include electric ignition, lids for smoking, temperature control mechanisms and tiered grills to keep food warm.

If you're looking for one that is built to last, pick one that is using materials like stainless steel that won’t degrade in the fire or summer rain – but bare in mind that these are pricey.

We’ve scoured the shops online to bring you our list of the best charcoal BBQs on the market today.

1. Everdure HUB Electric Ignition Charcoal BBQ

  • Everdure by Heston Blumenthal HUB Electric Ignition Charcoal BBQ, £1,499 from John Lewis – buy here

The super-chef Heston Blumenthal has put his name to this outstanding charcoal BBQ.

Beautifully designed, its electric ignition makes starting a fire easy.

The rotisserie also makes cooking large joints or whole animals a doddle.

At £1,499 it is a proper investment that is sure to stand the test of time and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Ideal if you're a passionate cook that likes to create epic feasts for your friends and family every summer.

2. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal CUBE BBQ

  • Everdure by Heston Blumenthal CUBE, £134.10 from – buy here

This little beauty is the best portable charcoal BBQ out there, giving you great grill control anywhere you care to park it.

The food grade storage tray and bamboo food board make outdoor prep simple.

Built-in protection keeps the unit cool even when the fire is burning.

3. Napoleon Pro 22 Kettle Barbecue


  • Napoleon Pro 22 Kettle Barbecue, £269 from the BBQ Shop – buy here

Big enough to feed a small army,  the Napoleon Pro 22 BBQ comes with a porcelain domed lid that helps to minimise cooking time.

A premium quality kettle BBQ, the Pro 22 is built for heavy use and hard weather, making it perfect for the British summertime.


4. Mini Original BBQ Drum Smoker with Thermostat

  • Drumbecue Mini Original BBQ Drum Smoker with Thermostat, £349.99 from Drumbecue – buy here

This is a pimped-barrel burner that’s perfect for those big cookouts.

It’s basically an unused oil drum converted into a super BBQ by the folks at Drumbecue.

An integrated thermostat and air vents make it easy to master the heat, giving you more control of your cooking.

A retro-classic for the purist.

5. Big Green Egg Large Nest BBQ

  • Big Green Egg Large Nest BBQ, £1,490 from John Lewis – buy here

It’s big, green, and egg-shaped – and it’s largely considered to be one of the best BBQs available today.

The unique shape and innovative design is the key to its meat grilling mastery.

The ceramic egg allows you to control the temperature to within a few degrees thanks to a patented airflow control system.

Big enough for two 20lb turkeys, it's the perfect item if you're planning to host a big summer feast.

6. Weber 57cm Master-Touch Barbecue

  • Weber 57cm Master-Touch, £724.99 from Amazon – buy here

This enamelled steel kettle BBQ from Weber is loved by users for its exceptional build quality, standing up to the weather.

It’s highly efficient, meaning you need less charcoal to get it going – good for the planet, good for the wallet and great for juicy steaks and crispy chicken.

7. Landmann Smoker Tennessee 100 BBQ

  • Landmann Smoker Tennessee 100, £186.58 from Amazon – buy here

This BBQ and smoker comes from the US – also known as the home of the grill

The Tennessee gives you choice and flexibility from a solid and impressive build.

One for those cooks who want a versatile BBQ that won’t break the bank.

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