Bali Tourist Films Herself Obliviously Holding One of the World's Deadliest Marine Animals

The tiny creature possesses enough venom to kill 26 adult humans.

A video of a woman playing with this tiny cute creature is going viral — and it’s not because of how adorable the little fella is.

Kaylin Phillips posted a clip of herself and her friends in Bali obliviously passing around a blue-ringed octopus… one of the deadliest marine animals in the world.

Explaining what happened, Kaylin said she was on her final week studying on the Indonesian island where she was making a documentary on animal welfare, when she and her pals took some down time on Uluwatu Beach, and encountered all sorts of interesting wildlife.

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“I remember when we saw this little guy swim up, we picked him up… there were about three of us passing him around, didn’t think anything of it,” she said, even admitting they picked up a second one just like it.

“It wasn’t until later that I found out they were venomous on my Instagram Story.”

And not just venomous; the tiny creature possesses enough toxin to kill 26 adult humans.

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Their bites are tiny and often painless; victims don’t even realize they have been bitten until paralysis of their respiratory system begins, which can happen within minutes. There is no known anti-venom.

Scarier still, the octopus is not aggressive and will usually flee when threatened; its last step before fighting back is to flash its eponymous blue rings… which are clearly on display in Kaylin’s video.

“Going to Bali and unknowingly holding one of the most dangerous animals,” she captioned the clip, which has now been viewed almost 8 million times. “Cheers for still being alive.”

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