Ariana Grande shows off her natural hair texture – and fans are loving her cute curls

We rarely see Ariana Grande without her signature high ponytail or half-updo, but she’s just given us a glimpse of what her natural hair looks like without extensions and heat treatment.

Sharing an Instagram post to promote her upcoming r.e.m. beauty bodycare launch, Ariana looks angelic with a flawless complexion and cute curls framing her face. It also looks like the 29 year old has gone completely foundation-free for the snap, which really does make us wonder what she’s using on her skin to make it so blemish-free.

“God Is A Woman Body is now available in stores + online at @ultabeauty,” Ariana captions the gorgeous image.

Naturally, Ariana’s fans have been very complimentary about her curly hair in the comment section of her post.

“You know how I feel about your curls,” says one, while a second comments: “I’ll never be over this !! Living for your curls.”

A third adds: “I'm once again here manifesting that I love your hair.”

Though the latest r.e.m beauty collection is yet to be available to shop in the UK, we do know that the new line of products she’s promoting will be titled God is a Woman and will be an extension of her fragrance by the same name. The collection will include a scrub, a hand and body cream and a body oil. We’ll be shopping those as soon as they drop, then!

If you haven’t noticed, Ariana has been transitioning her beauty look subtly over the past few years, and it has us wondering whether she’s being influenced by one Hollywood icon in particular.

In a series of makeup-free snaps posted recently on her Instagram Stories, Ariana looks almost the spitting image of a young Audrey Hepburn from her Sabrina days – an iconic 1950s movie in which Audrey starred as the lead. The two do share similar face shapes and dark hair, but Ariana seems to be emulating Audrey when it comes to makeup and features.

Specifically, it’s Ariana’s eyebrows that give her a classic Audrey Hepburn beauty look. For those who have followed the singer since her Disney channel days, you might remember Ariana used to favour quite thin, angular arches. Now, she’s transformed her look with the help of an “archless” eyebrow makeover.

Jamie Long, lead stylist atHD Brows, explains the look in further detail.

“Ariana’s brows are framed with only a very minimal arch – hence the term ‘archless eyebrow’ – likely inspired by the iconic Audrey Hepburn look. The tail of the brow is angled up slightly to open up the eyes and lift the face, which keeps the eyes looking youthful and fresh. It’s a brow style that is universally flattering, but it works really well with Ariana's soft features,” he says.

Whatever beauty magic Ariana is performing this year, we want to know all of her secrets ASAP!


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