ARHITEKTURA's Double Brick House Anchors Once-Prosperous Slovenian Villa

ARHITEKTURA is making the most of Rožna Dolina, a re-urbanizing district within Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. As the once-prestigious villa rebuilds its former glory, ARHITEKTURA has crafted a sturdy residence to anchor the transformation, imagining the Double Brick House as a monolithic linchpin for the transformation.

The semi-detached home, which occupies only a slim stretch of land, was designed to maximize interior space without taking up much of the plot. Two families of five can fit comfortably within its triple-floor construction by way of two distinct, yet identical, residential units. They share a living room, kitchen and parking lot, but the minimalist living rooms, studies and bathrooms are exclusive to each occupying family.

Outside, the structure is imposingly uniform, realized by utilizing subtractive sculpture technique. The resulting abode is a no-nonsense cluster of complementary dark brown bricks interrupted by spacious windows and a wood-clad entrance. ARHITEKTURA is in talks with neighbors to replace their dilapidated buildings with similarly sleek shapes as part of Rožna Dolina’s ongoing improvement of living conditions; this also means planting gardens, maintaining underground electrical conductors and fixing roads and sidewalks.

Late last year, Feldman Architecture completed its comparatively lush Slot House.
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