An Iceberg Bigger Than LA Has Broken Away From Antarctica

An iceberg bigger than the city of Los Angeles has broken away from mainland Antarctica, but scientists don’t think it is due to climate change.

Humankind is currently watching our planet’s polar ice caps like a collective hawk. Climate change is real and if we don’t up our game when it comes to stopping it, or at least slowing it down, then we are in big trouble. Those aforementioned ice caps will continue to melt, and sea levels will rise to a point where places we currently live will one day be entirely underwater.

With all of that in mind, a report from CNN that an iceberg bigger than the entire city of Los Angeles recently broke away from Antarctica naturally had us pretty panicked. However, due to the massive ice mass being part of one of the continent’s ice shelves, so ice that floats on the ocean’s surface, it breaking away should have very little effect on our rising sea levels.

Scientists from the Australia Antarctic Program have been keeping an eye on the massive iceberg since 2002. It breaking away in this fashion has been expected for a while, and was actually predicted to happen a few years ago. The happening is known as a calving event, as the ice shelf is sort of giving birth to a smaller iceberg in a way. Kind of a cute way of looking at it.

You’ll be hard pushed to find a calf as big as this one in any other walk of life, though. If you’re having trouble picturing exactly how big LA is, let us give you some of the massive iceberg’s exact dimensions. It is 632 square miles, a whopping 689 feet thick, and weighs an incredible 315 billion tons. As we said, quite the calf.

Although the iceberg wasn’t caused by climate change and poses little threat to rising sea levels, it is a pretty major danger to nearby ships. Scientists will need to continue to track its movements in order to keep those who need to be informed abreast of where it is. The iceberg that took down the Titanic was relatively small, so imagine what one the size of a major city could do.

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