Aldi jokes its checkout queues are faster than 5G but shoppers say the speed gives them 'panic attacks'

ALDI shoppers have hit out at the supermarket after it joked about having checkout queues that are faster than 5G.

Shoppers have mocked the grocer on Twitter, saying that the super speedy service gives them “panic attacks” and can make people “feel rushed”.

Others have claimed it can be difficult for disabled people and slower shoppers to keep up.

It comes after Aldi posted a tweet saying: “You think 5G is fast? Have you seen our checkout staff.”

Aldi is known for having speedy checkout staff, with the supermarket previously revealing that it uses extra big barcodes to make it easier for workers to scan items.

The supermarket claims its tills are 40% quicker than rivals, with some shoppers even setting up a Facebook page called the Aldi Checkout Challenge where they share their experiences at the store tills.

For most it’s a good thing, but for some the speedy checkouts have caused issues.

Replying to the 5G tweet from Aldi, one shopper said: “Why not have an aisle for people who prefer not to have a panic attack at the checkout as a user experience exercise? I think you'll soon find out many people prefer not to be rushed.”

Another tweeted: “Maybe have a thought for your disabled customer! I am in a wheelchair and slower movements and nothing like the Aldi cashier making you feel so low because he has run out of room but don’t offer a single bit of help!”

A third said: “Yeah, this needs to change. We LOVE aldi but there’s fast & effective Vs So fast we can’t pack quick enough! It’s very uncomfortable way to shop.”

And a fourth added: “Consider us anxious customers in the queue mentally running through bag packing strategies to keep up.”

Some shoppers have even wondered if staff also have a quota for the amount of items they need to get through the checkout while on a shift – but this isn't something Aldi has confirmed.

As well as helping the flow of customers, Aldi previously said its checkouts are speedy to help keep costs low for shoppers.

The supermarket told The Sun today that its checkout staff will slow down if customers are struggling to keep up, and says it understands that shoppers pack at different speeds.

A spokesperson said: “Our fast and efficient checkout process helps to deliver amazing quality food at unbeatable Aldi prices.

“However, we appreciate that every customer is different, and we ask colleagues to ensure they use their discretion to work at a pace suitable for each individual.”

The comment about speedy checkouts come as Aldi is to start selling food online as it tests click and collect deliveries.

Earlier this year, Aldi also sold food parcels online to help vulnerable and self-isolating customers during the coronavirus lockdown.

Aldi has 894 UK stores and more than 36,000 employees. Use its store locator tool to find your nearest.

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