7 Sex-Toy Advent Calendars to Make This Sh*tty Year a Lil Brighter

Good news: The holiday season is here, people! Which means it’s that time to invest in some advent calendars now—(yes, literally now)—so you’re ready to go come December 1st. But this article right here isn’t a round-up of the average chocolate or cheese advent calendars. This article is dedicated solely and exclusively to sex advent calendars (and yes, they’re very much A Thing).

Lovehoney’s annual advent calendar is always a hit, but there are tonnns of other sex toy advent calendars and kits that will make the entire month of December worth looking forward to—whether you’re single or coupled up this holiday.

So here are 9 sex-toy and sex-adjacent advent calendars you can snag this year. The best part: You can be on the nice and naughty list to celebrate these bbs. Happy holidays!

1. Lovehoney’s Best Sex of Your Life Kit

This is the big kahuna of sex toy advent calendars. You get a lotttt of $$$ worth of playthings for literally only $130, and it’s good for 24 days. Included in this kit that’s extra enticing: A $80 Womanizer Starlet 2 toy.

2. Lovehoney 7 Nights of Seduction Lingerie Calendar

Another fave from Lovehoney, this calendar kit is perfect for those of you looking to invest in some sexy lingerie for the holidays. Inside you’ll find $120 worth of product, which includes some sexy wine-colored lace, revealing bras, and a full basque set.

3. Bijoux Indiscrets 12 Days of Sexy

This 12-day advent calendar includes both sex toys and lingerie for a bit of everything good. There’s a tassel choker, sparkling nipple pasties, back and cleavage chain, vinyl mask, belt, garters, blindfold, whip necklace, tickler, handcuff bracelets, a mesh collar, and for the big finale: a rechargeable vibrator shaped like a giant diamond. The included book will guide you on the correct order in which to open everything for 12 days of teasing suspense. Everything in the calendar is valued at $338, so you save $142 right off the bat.

4. YesforLov Mission Irresistible Kit

While technically not an advent calendar, the nine individually packaged sexcessories serve as a DIY version pretty easily. It’s called “Mission Irresistible” as it’s spy-themed, and you’re meant to use an invisible ink marker and black light flashlight (included) to tease your partner with secret messages. Besides the hide-and-seek message kit there’s also massage oil, excitement gel for women, two intimate (and fragrance-free!) wipes, two doses of lubricant, one heads-or-tails version of fantasy dares (shaped like a two-Euro coin to add to the James Bond-ian stakes), a blindfold, a cherry-flavored body pencil, and a caressing feather.

5. Fifty Shades 10-Day Countdown Kit

If you don’t wanna commit to a full 24 days or spend that much coin, this 10-day version is a good alternative. With 10 toys for $90, each toy clocks in at around nine bucks each. You also get some exclusive products that you can’t buy separately, like the kinky AF feather duster.

6. Ella Paradis Better Love Advent Calendar

This option includes brand-name toys like Fun Factory and Bijoux Indiscrets. Plus, unlike anything else on this list, it also has a booklet of thought-starters and sexy jumping-off points that you and your partner can use to put your new gifts to fun use.

7. Tingletouch Romantic Advent Calendar

If you’re looking for a less sex-toy-oriented—but still sexy—advent calendar, this Tingletouch Romantic Calendar features a month of hot prompts for you and your partner to follow. Better yet, with three different choices of prompts per day, you two won’t be bullied into doing anything you don’t wanna do. Options!

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