6ft woman hosts tall girl brunches but gets death threats from shorter blokes

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A six-foot-tall woman said she receives death threats from "short" men for trying to bond with other tall ladies over brunch.

Jade Egemonye said she's tired of having people gawking at her in public and has decided to instead connect with other women by creating a "Tall Girl Brunch" club.

They share their experiences and struggles as a tall woman whenever they meet at a bar or a restaurant, with Jade posting videos of the catch-ups to TikTok.

"It all started last November when I tweeted something out like 'I don't know any other tall women'," the 23-year-old said.

"I said that I'd love to have more tall friends, not thinking that anyone would respond. But people did, and we would start chatting online.

"Then eventually, I suggested we all meet up in person to have brunch. Tall women need these spaces to talk about their shared experiences."

She set up their first ever meet-up in May and shared highlights of their brunch on social media and TikTok.

The ladies, all dressed up in glamour outfits, had a good time as they splurged on champagne, boozy drinks and nice food.

Jade, from Greenwich, said she notices people stared at her all the time – whether it's on the tube or at the gym.

"In London, people usually don't look up from their phones whilst on the tube. But I'll have people looking at me and staring," she explained.

"It'll happen to me when I go to the gym as well. People stare at me as if I'm not a human being who's there trying to get in shape."

The contract manager has organised six shin-digs at restaurants across London so far and is now expanding across Britain as she plans to host a brunch in Manchester in December

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Despite her good intentions, Jade has faced some backlash from trolls.

"We have some men who project their issues with their height onto us. It's ironic because comments about men's heights almost never come from tall women – they come from other men," Jade said.

"That's why I don't put restaurants down on the events page. We've had some hate messages, horrible stuff like 'You shall die', 'I'm gonna come get you', etc.

To Jade, a tall girl is categorised as someone who is at least 5ft9in tall because it is the "average height for a man in the UK".

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