50ft-high image of male genitalia beamed on to side of city centre hotel

A local company shone a 50ft-high laser image of male genitalia on to the side of a popular city centre hotel.

Empire AV Works, located in Derbyshire, used a specialist laser beam to cast a large blue outline of a penis onto the Jurys Inn at around 9pm last night in order to test out their equipment, the firm said.

Alexander Beswick, who shone the image, said he carried out the test to make sure his equipment was in good working condition, Derbyshire Live reports.

The image was shone from a small black box at a nearby car park.

He said: "The highly-juvenile image was up for all of 30 seconds – to great results.

"It was a 12 volt test to load high-power lasers on alternative power supplies.

"There was no risk to the public at any time in accordance with [laser standards] BS EN 60825."

The "BS EN 60825" that Mr Beswick referred to is a product safety standard used by manufacturers in the European Union and worldwide. It ensures that laser products are safe and legal to use.

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