22 of the best gifts £15 and under from small indie brands

If you’re looking for a lovely gift that doesn’t cost the earth, we’ve rounded up the best pieces that are uncompromising on style.

Let’s face it, gifting season is all year-round. There’s always something, whether it’s a birthday, housewarming or engagement party that’s worthy of celebration that springs up on us. And, if there’s one thing we love to do, it’s celebrate wins large and small. 

So, on the occasions where you find yourself mindlessly trawling all the internet has to offer to no end, we have the answer – shopping from excellent small indie businesses.

Introducing The Drop by Stylist; our e-commerce platform host to over 500 brands covering accessories, beauty, fashion, homeware and everything in between. There’s really something for everyone at The Drop when it comes to gifting, though if you’re on a budget or simply looking to treat yourself more often this month, we’ve compiled the best items you’ll want to have in your possession all £15 and under.

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From sleek handpainted dinner table candles to sweet love heart-shaped gold hoop earrings (that happen to go with almost every outfit), scroll down to find the gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your giftee’s face. 

  • Anouska Georgia London True Love Earrings

    The Drop: Anouska Georgia London True Love Earrings

    If you thought heart motifs were only meant to come out on Valentine’s Day, think again. Case in point: Anouska Georgia London’s True Love 24-carat gold-plated earrings. 

    Think of them as your favourite gold hoops with a clean, minimalist heart-lined twist. The plus? They also happen to be the perfect style for channelling the Y2K trend. If you’re searching for a love match that lasts the test of time, look no further.

    Shop Anouska Georgia London True Love Earrings at The Drop, £12

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  • Elan Skincare Set of 6 Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

    The Drop Elan Skincare: Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

    If you’re feeling congested or are in need of a reinvigorating shower to kick your brain into gear, look no further than Elan Skincare’s set of six handmade, handpainted aromatherapy shower steamers. 

    Packed with four stimulating essential oils – plus menthol crystals extracted from organic mint oil – sprinkle the steamer with water at the start of your shower and get ready to inhale the refreshing scent it releases into the air. Consider your shower game officially upped.

    Shop Elan Skincare Set of 6 Aromatherapy Shower Steamers at The Drop, £9.98

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  • Originals Studio Colourful Beads and Faux Pearl Necklace

    The Drop: Originals Studio Beaded Necklace

    Beaded jewellery may have made a massive comeback in 2021 but thanks to 2022’s Y2K trend, it’s sticking around for at least another year. Happily, Originals Studio’s necklaces will update your jewellery collection without breaking the bank. Wear alone for a statement or layer with gold or silver chains for more of a boho feel.

    “Delicate beaded necklaces are the perfect way to inject some colour and playfulness into your summer wardrobe,” says Stylist’s acting executive fashion director Kitty McGee. “With the power to instantly qualify a black maxi dress as summery and daytime-appropriate, it’s the ultimate item to breathe new life into all of your warm-weather pieces.”

    Shop Originals Studio Colourful Beads and Faux Pearl Necklace at The Drop, £14.99

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  • Mustard Monday Handmade Ruched Headband

    The Drop: Mustard Monday Headband

    Whether you’re channelling Bridgerton or looking for a statement hair accessory to wear to all of those Covid-delayed weddings and other special occasions, Mustard Monday’s ruched headbands are the special touch your outfit is calling out for.

    Handmade in London and available in seven colours and prints – we’re torn between the Ganni-esque polka dot and the dark floral versions – make haste and harness Bridgerton’s leading lady Kate Sharma’s levels of style, grace and tenacity with one simple accessory.

    Shop Mustard Monday Handmade Ruched Headband at The Drop, £15

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  • Little Karma Co Personalised Initial Refillable Candle

    The Drop: Little Karma Personalised Candle

    If you’re a fan of typographic prints on your walls, imagine if you could bring the same aesthetic to your sideboard, bookshelves and coffee table. Here’s where Buckinghamshire-born lifestyle brand Little Karma Co and its typographic initial candles come in.

    Available in four refillable sizes from mini (70g) to mega (3-wick 750g) and seven natural essential oil scents, including fragrant bergamot and rose geranium, soothing eucalyptus and lime and fresh lemongrass and ginger, each initial has been carefully designed using a chic, muted colour palette. 

    Shop Little Karma Co Personalised Initial Refillable Candle at The Drop, £13  

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  • Lucy Loves This Feminist Tote Bag

    The Drop: Lucy Loves This Feminist Tote Bag

    Feminism’s for life, not just for International Women’s Day – and this tote will help you promote the cause all year round. Designed by the female-led graphic design brand Lucy Loves This, this sturdy canvas monochrome bag is equal parts stylish and strident.

    The ‘F’ design appears simple on first glance, but take a closer look and you’ll see rousing words by women such as Gloria Steinem, Frida Kahlo and Beyoncé, plus illustrations of Florence Nightingale and Virginia Woolf and names of other brilliant women past and present who have changed things for the better.

    Shop Lucy Loves This Feminist Tote Bag at The Drop, £14

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  • & So They Made Personalised Dog Breed Notebook

    The Drop: & So They Made Dog Breed Notebook

    Whether you’re a devoted dog parent or an admirer who stops to pat all the good boys in the park, & So They Made’s personalised notebooks are ideal for all canine fans. Choose from 10 beautifully illustrated covers showcasing popular breeds including labradors, French bulldogs and golden retrievers – available in 20 different colours.

    Made from FSC-certified paper, the 80-page notebooks come in three formats: dotted lines, plain pages or daily planners. If this sounds like the perfect gift for the dog fanatic in your life (or even for you), you can up the ante by adding a name, place, event or virtually any phrase to the spine. It’s what a dog lover’s dreams are made of…

    Shop & So They Made Personalised Dog Breed Notebook at The Drop, £13.95

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  • BlackBellePrints Bordeaux and Copper Leaf Agate Style Resin Coasters

    The Drop: Blackbelle Prints Agate Styled Resin Coasters

    When is a coaster more like a piece of art? When it’s one of Blackbelle Prints’ leaf-flaked agate resin coasters. Handmade by founder Victoria, the Afro-inspired coastal design features mesmerising details courtesy of the gold leaf swirling throughout. 

    The glitter-adorned textured edge, reminiscent of precious agate stones, looks as if it were sliced straight from the source. If you’re after a tablescaping texture boost, look no further.

    Shop BlackBellePrints Bordeaux and Copper Leaf Agate Style Resin Coasters at The Drop, £12.60

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  • CocoLulu Personalised Candle Pair, Lilac, Black, Antique Rose

    The Drop: Cocolulu Personalised Candles

    Some modern candles are an acquired taste (we love fruit and bum-shaped designs, but we’ll happily admit they’re not for everyone). Slender dinner table tapers, though, are a timeless classic that make an ideal engagement/wedding/birthday present.

    Cocolulu’s pair of dinner table candles come in three colours: spring-ready lilac, deepest black and a rose shade reminiscent of antique terracotta pots.

    Better still, they can be personalised with hand-painted names, meaningful dates or phrases, and are packaged in fully recyclable wrapping and adorned with a luxury bow. Every time your giftee lights their candles for dinner, they’ll think fondly of you.

    Shop CocoLulu Personalised Candle Pair, Lilac, Black, Antique Rose at The Drop, £14

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  • Nine Moo Marbling Moon Earrings

    The Drop: Ninemoo Store Marbeling Moon Earrings

    Thanks to a certain Marine Serre patterned top worn by everyone from Beyoncé to Dua Lipa, all things moon-related are at the top of our sartorial wishlists. Happily, London-based lifestyle label Ninemoo has just the accessory to fill the crescent-shaped void with its marbling moon earrings that are perfect for those days when you want to switch things up from your regular gold huggies.

    Made from 14k gold-plated brass and resin, the marble-effect earrings are a great option for when your ear party is crying out for a lowkey pop of colour – available in olive, cream and mustard, the off-kilter shades make them look way more expensive than they are, and we’re not mad about it.

    Shop Nine Moo Marbling Moon Earrings at The Drop, £14

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  • Jasmine Alice Home Rattan Handcrafted Vintage Glass Vases

    The Drop: Jasmine Alice Home Rattan Glass Vases

    While rattan has been a firm favourite of interior connoisseurs for some time, not everyone wants to invest in a rattan headboard, dining table chairs or statement lampshade. If you’d rather dabble lightly with the trend, Jasmine Alice Home’s rattan-accented vases are the perfect entryway into the world of textured interiors.

    The pair of glass jars come with a handwoven rattan sleeve and neck trim, providing a subtle boho accent and can be used not only as a vase but also to display collectables such as seashells or to store kitchen utensils or make-up brushes. 

    Shop Jasmine Alice Home Rattan Handcrafted Vintage Glass Vases at The Drop, £14.99

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  • The Basket Room Natural Woven Storage Basket

    The Drop: The Basket Room Natural Woven Baskets

    Available in three muted colour schemes and three sizes, these baskets provide plenty of stylish room to store everything from blankets to books.

    Even better, each of The Basket Room’s products is ethically handcrafted by skilled female artisans from a cooperative in south-west Kenya, who’ve been weaving baskets for generations. 

    Shop The Basket Room Natural Woven Storage Basket at The Drop, £14.50

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  • Fawn & Thistle Personalised Initial Leopard Mug

    The Drop: Fawn and Thistle Personalised Mug

    Fact: there’s no such thing as owning too many mugs. We can’t go past Fawn & Thistle’s statement leopard mug, complete with an oversized initial personalisation, and the extra option to add your gift recipient’s name. Tea breaks just got way more stylish…  

    Shop Fawn & Thistle Personalised Initial Leopard Mug at The Drop, £12.50

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  • Rose Works Ldn Initial Terrazzo Chunky Coasters

    Roseworks LDN Alphabet Initial Terrazzo Chunky Coasters

    Are you suddenly devoid of all gifting inspiration just as your friend’s birthday is creeping up? You need only look to the one eternal struggle that unites us all: preparing a mug of something warm and caffeinated and finding nowhere safe to rest it. Enter: Rose Works Ldn’s customisable chunky terrazzo coasters.

    Made from an eco-friendly alternative to resin, all you need to do is choose between four colour combinations then add an initial of your choice in a contrasting shade. Et voila! 

    A failsafe gift that everyone with a penchant for hot drinks (read: all office workers) – not to mention cocktails – will enjoy. No judgment from us if you happen to snaffle one for yourself at the same time…

    Shop Rose Works Ldn Initial Terrazzo Chunky Coasters at The Drop, £12

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  • Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support

    Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support

    Nothing puts plant parents in crisis mode quite like the thought of going away and not being able to water their leafy babies. Sound familiar? Thanks to the genius Plant Life Support system, your plant caring friends can leave all their worries behind.

    The watering gadget keeps everything from aloe to anthuriums hydrated for up to seven days – which is ideal if they’re away a lot. 

    All you have to do is fill up the water bag, attach the flow regulator, adjust its setting, hook it into the soil and then place the dripper in and they’ll come back to happy, healthy greenery. 

    Shop Bubblegum Stuff Plant Life Support at The Drop, £12.95

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  • Jasmine Alice Home Black & White Murex Shell Candle

    Jasmine Alice Home Large Shell Candle

    When it’s dark outside, the cosy flickering light of a candle is always welcome – especially when said candle transports you straight to a more tropical climate. 

    Native to Mexico’s Gulf of California, this murex seashell candle from Jasmine Alice Home makes a great visual statement with its milky white coating and rich, burnt brown splodges.

    With hand-poured, eco-friendly soy wax infused with refreshing bergamot oil, it’s the ideal way to gift an oceanic, holiday home feel to your giftee’s home décor. 

    Shop Jasmine Alice Home Black & White Murex Shell Candle at The Drop, £14.99

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  • Originals Studio ‘Mia’ Colour Block Stack Candle

    The Drop: Originals Studio Coloured Stack Candles

    First, the bubble-cube candle flooded our Instagram feeds. Then, the spiral taper took over our candle sticks, followed quickly by a plethora of handpainted dinner candles. What’s next on the agenda, you ask? The stacked geometric candle – and Yod and Co’s creations from Originals Studio are our pick of the bunch.

    Available in two sizes and three different coloured stacks, the richly coloured paraffin-free candles are the perfect addition to a coffee table, bookshelf or sideboard. 

    And while they have a 20 or 30-hour burn time, we’re not sure we could bring ourselves to light something that’s so visually pleasing…  

    Shop Originals Studio ‘Mia’ Colour Block Stack Candle at The Drop, £15

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  • My Doris Triple Beaded Hair Clip Set

    My Doris Triple Hair Clips

    Beaded hair slides are the easy way to upgrade your look – and these sets of three clips from My Doris can be worn separately in an up-do or together behind one ear for a modern asymmetrical style.

    My Doris founder Katie Williamson works with designers and craftspeople across the globe – from Uzbekistan to Vietnam to India – to create unique, eclectic pieces. 

    Available in two metallic colourways, match the clips to your embellished frock of choice to tie the whole look together.

    Shop My Doris Triple Beaded Hair Clip Set at The Drop, £9

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  • Anouska Georgia London Celestial Crystal Studded Gold Plated Adjustable Ring

    The Drop: Anouska Georgia London Celestial Ring

    Our appetite for all things celestial is spreading to every inch of our lives. From zodiac cushion covers to star print dresses, we simply can’t get enough. But, for those who want to dip a toe (or finger) in, Anouska Georgia London’s adjustable moon and star ring is a stylish combination of subtle yet eye-catching.

    The crystal-studded gold-plated piece is a ring stacking fiend’s paradise. Want to wear it above your knuckle or on a different finger? Just squeeze the two ends together for a more curated fit. 

    Shop Anouska Georgia London Celestial Crystal Studded Gold Plated Adjustable Ring at The Drop, £12

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  • Marmor Paperie Marbled Wooden Letters

    Marmor Paperie Marbled Wooden Letters

    If you’re a regular visitor to The Drop, you’ll know that our love of initials knows no bounds. The same can be said for colourful homeware. So, when we spotted these wooden marbled letters that can be used to personalise every room in the house, it was instant love heart eye emojis.

    Individually hand-marbled by founder Lucy McGrath in her London studio, Marmor Paperie’s freestanding letters are a brilliantly eye-catching interior accent. 

    Available in three colour combinations – pastels, green, gold and pink, or indigo and dark red – each one is designed to sit on a mantelpiece, shelf or table and can also be mounted to a wall or door if you’re feeling really crafty.

    Shop Marmor Paperie Marbled Wooden Letters at The Drop, £12

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  • Lucy Suddaby Studio Hand Pressed Flower Hair Barrette

    The Drop: Lucy Suddaby Studio Hand-Pressed Flower Hair Barrette

    In our humble opinion, the hair barrette is an undoubted highlight of the 90s fashion renaissance. No longer a relic of year 6 discos, they’re one of the buzziest accessories thanks to the likes of Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner and Ashley Graham.

    Combining two trends in one, pressed flowers are captured in resin clips to lend cottagecore charm to this retro-inspired style. 

    Available with a choice of three flowers scattered into the clip – rose, forget-me-not or gypsophila – each one is made by founder Lucy Suddaby-Smith in her Bristol studio, with the flowers picked and pressed by hand. 

    Shop Lucy Suddaby Studio Hand Pressed Flower Hair Barrette at The Drop, £10

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  • Kiss Me At The Disco Your Year Personalised Date Print

    The Drop: Kiss Me At The Disco Personalised Year Print

    If you’ve ever admired Bella Freud’s iconic 1970 jumper, you’ll know that a few simple numbers can make the ultimate statement. Dates are a brilliant way to mark your loved ones’ most notable occasions, whether it’s a special birthday, the year they bought their first house or when they got married. Case in point: Kiss Me At The Disco’s high-impact art prints.

    Created in Swansea by Welsh artist Angela Warlow, the brand’s Your Year print is the ideal keepsake, with its bright colours and statement graphics sure to make an impact.

    Available with a light pink or bright green background, each date is written in retro-style 3D numbers – all with their own cheering colour combinations. Choose your preferred size and get a frame at the ready – your giftee will want this on their wall ASAP.

    Shop Kiss Me At The Disco Your Year Personalised Date Print at The Drop, £15

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Images: courtesy of brands

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