16 dogs looking for homes this Christmas

While it’s important to remember that dogs are for life, not just for Christmas, there is something particularly heart-wrenching about a lonely canine during the holidays.

With people off work and feeling sentimental, Christmas can be the perfect time to take stock of your life and what you might feel is missing from it.

If you’ve been seriously thinking that a dog is what’s missing from your life, take a look at these hairy angels and what their adoption agencies have to say about them…


Age: 5yrs
Location: Dogs Trust Evesham

Dogs Trust say: ‘Don’t be fooled by Dinky’s size – he has a big personality! He is seeking a quiet, rural home away from other dogs and an active family who can provide him with ample play sessions and long walks; even with such tiny legs Dinky could run for miles!

‘It takes Dinky a little time to trust new people, but once you build a bond he really is a friend for life and he has started to show his more affectionate side with his foster carer. Dinky needs an adult-only, pet-free home with minimal visitors.

‘He’d like his new family to visit him several times so ideally they should live within a hours drive of the rehoming centre.

‘Dinky’s family will receive ongoing training support throughout his adoption and beyond. Given the right home-life, Dinky will make a fantastic little companion.’

Snow Cloud

Age: 6
Location: Dogs Trust Bridgend

Dogs Trust say: ‘Snow Cloud has been looking for a home since January 2020. He is a cheeky lad with a playful personality and he is looking for a quiet, rural home away from the hustle and bustle of busy roads and noise.

‘He needs an adult-only home with minimal visitors. He gets on well with other dogs and would love to live with another four-legged friend who can show him the ropes and help him settle into his new home.

‘His new home should have a large secure garden so he enjoy off-lead play with his toys.

‘He does have some ongoing issues with his legs so his home will need little or no steps for him to use. Snow Cloud is looking for patient owners who are prepared to work with the centre’s training team both prior to and post adoption and, for this reason, Snow Cloud is looking for a home within an hour’s drive of the rehoming centre.’

Tam Tam

Age: 3yrs 6m
Location: Watham Abbey, Essex

The Love Under Dogs website reads: ‘Tam Tam aka Princess Tam Tam is a gorgeous girl originally from Egypt. She was found in a terrible state, her body covered in sores, in a house with a lot of other neglected dogs (see picture).

‘She was subsequently rescued by a local group and was flown by a UK charity to this country for her to find a forever home. She ended up with us as she is a little bit anxious of new things and needed help with her confidence. She is now a very happy girl with everyone she knows, but is wary of strangers. She will need a family happy to come and meet her on a number of occasions so that she can get to know them before going on a home trial.’

TamTam came to them with a deformed leg, likely from birth, which the vet said was affecting her posture and gait, so she’s since had it amputated and is doing much better.

It’s not known if TamTam is good to be around cats, but she shouldn’t be in a house with children as she’s ‘a sensitive girl.’ She’s generally good around dogs while she’s out walking, and if there’s another dog in the home she’d prefer that it be a boy.


Age: 11
Location: Dogs Trust Manchester

Dogs Trust say: ‘This Older Age Pooch (OAP) is enjoying life with one of our wonderful volunteer foster carers currently and is the perfect houseguest. He loves to head out on an adventure in the car and can live with children aged 11 and over.

‘He loves a cuddle once he gets to know you! He likes to be walked in quieter areas where he won’t be bothered by too many dogs as he likes to keep himself to himself as an older gentleman.

‘He would love his own secure garden to potter around and relax in with no neighbouring dogs to disturb his peace. He would like to have his new owners around most of the time until he settles in but he is getting used to having some time at home alone.

‘He happily sleeps all night downstairs but is always pleased to see his fosterer in the morning.’


Age: Turns 8 on Boxing Day
Location: Dogs Trust Shoreham

Dogs Trust say: ‘Tyler may be a big boy, but he has a huge heart to match! Once he knows you well, he’ll reveal his playful, silly and affectionate side.

‘He’s doing incredibly well on his weight-loss journey, something new owners need to be mindful of and continue once he’s home. Tyler does have a sensitive side and can be a worried boy but he is currently working through the things he finds scary with the help of his carers and is building in confidence day by day.

‘Tyler needs a quieter home environment with minimal visitors and he could live with teenagers aged 16 plus. Ideally he’ll need to live with more than one person as he’s not a fan of being left alone and would much rather spend time with his humans.

‘He’d like to be the only pet in the home and a garden of his own is also a must.’


Age: 9
Location: Dogs Trust Leeds

Dogs Trust say: ‘Tasha, is a friendly dog who just adores being around people. Despite her age, she is still a very playful girl that loves her toys and having lots of fuss and attention.

‘If you want a guaranteed snuggle buddy, Tasha is it! Tasha is looking for an adult-only home without visiting children, where she can be the only pet. Her ideal new owners will have a secure garden so she can play off lead and she’ll also require access to quiet walks away from other dogs.

‘Tasha’s new owners will need to be patient with her while she settles into her new home. She can’t be left alone initially but should be ok for short periods if this is done very gradually.

‘Tasha has arthritis so potential adopters will need to carry on her medication at home and be aware of the ongoing cost before making a commitment to adopt her.’


Age: 4
Location: dogs Trust Shoreham

Dogs Trust say: ‘Kelly has been searching for a home for around two years. She struggles to be left alone so she’d love a family who are always around to keep her company.

‘Kelly is very smart and enjoys her training, so owners will need to continue teaching her new things in her new home.

‘She’d like to be the only pet, away from neighbouring dogs and a garden of her own is essential, so that she can have fun running around.

‘She’s a fun girl to be around and once she knows and trusts you she’ll be your perfect pal! Despite being an active girl, owners will need to be mindful that her exercise will need to be limited due to her hips.’


Age: 5yrs
Loction: Blue Cross Lewknor, Oxfordshire

Blue Cross says: ‘Five year old lurcher Eric has his paws crossed for a home for Christmas as he doesn’t want to spend another festive season without a family to call his own.

‘Eric came into Blue Cross in November 2019 as his previous owner could no longer care for him. 

‘He’s a fun loving and playful guy but he gets worried by other dogs. Eric’s ideal home would be one where he is the only pet and with someone who has a set routine every day who has experience with owning and training dogs.

‘He needs to be street walked where he is unlikely to encounter dogs who are off lead.’


Age: 3
Location: Dogs Trust Newbury

Dogs Trust say: ‘Paxo is a lively three-year-old Lurcher, who doesn’t let the fact he only has three legs stop him living his best life!

‘He loves his food and learning new things – he’s such a clever boy!

‘He is looking for a calm home environment, in a rural area with understanding owners who can help him thrive and are happy to continue his training.

‘Paxo can be unsure of people he doesn’t know, so will need to be introduced to his new owners slowly and will need minimal visitors to the house.’


Age: 3
Location: Dogs Trust Ilfracombe

Dogs Trust say: ‘Crumble enjoys a fuss and a snuggle and will do anything for a treat! Crumble will need help with her social skills around dogs but is happy to jump into the car for trips out.

‘She’d prefer quieter walks so she can have a good sniff without being disturbed too much whilst she gains confidence and gradual positive interactions around other dogs.

‘She is looking for an adult only, pet-free home where she can have all the attention for herself. She’d like her new family to be around most of the time especially whilst she settles into her new home.

‘Time left alone would need to be built up gradually until she feels safe, and once she does, she’ll be a loving companion.’


Age: 3
Location: Dogs Trust Glasgow

Dogs Trust say: ‘Milo, has been in the care of Dogs Trust Glasgow since August 2020.

‘This quirky boy is looking for an owner who has experience with similar breeds and can help introduce him gradually to the joys of living in a home.

‘Initially, he’d like an outdoor run or kennel and will need a secure garden where he can keep up his training. His ideal family will have older children over the age of 16 and no other pets.

‘The time spent on Milo and his training will be worth it as he will make a great addition to the right home.’


Age: 7
Location: Dogs Trust Loughborough

Dogs Trust say: ‘Jaffa, is a sweet, sensitive boy who loves cuddles and spending time with his two-legged human friends.

‘Jaffa, who is seven, absolutely adores long walks in the countryside where he can explore to his heart’s content without being troubled by lots of other dogs, and he gets very excited if there’s the chance of a game of fetch.

‘He absolutely loves his food, which is great for doing training with him as he is a clever boy and works hard for a tasty treat.

‘He would like his new family to be around most of the time, especially whilst he settles in to his new home, and he would like an adult-only home where he is the only pet so he can lap up all the love. He would also like to live in a rural location.’


Age: 6
Location: Dogs Trust Darlington

Dogs Trust say: ‘Thomas has striking looks and the most amazing ears. He can be a sensitive soul who finds new situations and people a bit daunting.

‘Once a bond has been made he will love you forever and his cheeky playful side will shine through. Thomas is looking for an adult-only, pet-free home.

‘New owners will need to be patient and take things at Thomas’s pace, as well as be around most of the day to keep him company.

‘Thomas would love his new home to have a secure garden for lots of off-lead playtime. With lots of patience, Thomas will blossom and thrive in his new home.’


Age: 7yrs 8m
Location: Lichfield, Midlands, ‘but can come to Waltham Abbey, Essex for the right home.’

The Love Under Dogs website says: ‘Paddy is a hugely endearing little dog who has been in a home for a few years before coming back to us due to a change of circumstances in the original family. He will therefore be used to all things domestic. He is a dog who so deserves a chance because he has made some phenomenal progress since his arrival to us.’

It adds: ‘On behaviour, Paddy came to us in a terrible state of anxiety and has bitten a number of people in the early days. Unfortunately he took a really deep dislike to one of the kennel ladies who is absolutely lovely but this was not meant to be and util recently we failed to understand how much her presence in the kennels stressed him out.

‘We were unable to see the real Paddy as he was continuously being stimulated and upset by her presense. He is now in another kennel in Lichfield and really loves his stay there, he has completely chilled since his move.’

The site says his ideal home is a ‘loving, understanding and committed adult only home. On the list of ‘musts’, is a family willing to give him lots of cuddles. He is one of our most affectionate dogs. He also needs an experienced person or adult only family who will take care in introducing him to new people, and who will take him on lots of adventures. This would be a dream for Paddy.’

They also say he should be in a home with no other dogs as he can get a little ‘over excited’, writing: ‘He loves his walks and adventures, he enjoys cuddling up on a sofa and snoozing quietly in a warm and cozy bed. What more could a dog want?’


Age: 1yr 9m
Location: Tiverton, Devon

Blue Cross says: ‘Ari is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Mastiff cross, and he is 1 year 9 months old. Ari came into Blue Cross care over 100 days ago and has been undergoing some training with the team to help him feel more comfortable around unfamiliar dogs and people.

‘Being a very clever boy he has learnt a lot in this time, and is now ready to find his new home and is waiting for the perfect match at the charity’s rehoming centre in Tiverton, Devon.

‘Ari is looking for a home that have experience of owning a large and nervous dog like he is. He would prefer to be the only pet in the home. Ari could live with older children that have been around bouncy dogs before. Ari loves to play, and always greets his human pals with a toy in his mouth (or 4, as his current record stands!).

‘Ari is looking for a home in a quiet location, as he can find loud noises a little scary. Ari has so much love and companionship to offer his new owners and will have you laughing for days.’ 


Age: 5
Location: Dogs Trust Harefield

Dogs Trust say: ‘Arnie, has been looking for a home for a year. He is a firm favourite amongst staff and is the friendliest boy with so much love to give, he just needs to be given the chance.

‘This lovely Lurcher will happily show off his tricks in return for treats but is equally happy lazing around in his kennel for most of the day.

‘His new owners will need to be patient with him and understand that he is worried by strangers, so he’ll need plenty of quiet walks. He enjoys the company of dogs when out and about but will need to be the only pet in the home.

‘He can live with children aged 16 and above. Arnie would love a home with a secure, private garden to run around in.’

Dogs Trust Operations Director, Adam Clowes, said: ‘We hope this year our message “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” comes across loud and clear. With demand at an all-time high, we would really encourage people to make sure now is the right time to welcome a dog into your family.

‘Dog ownership is wonderful and we’re simply asking that people are sure they are ready for the long-term commitment that comes with it. With more people at home now because of lockdown and the festive period, they might think it’s the perfect time to get a dog. For some this will be the case, but we’re asking would-be owners how your life will need to change to accommodate your four-legged friend, once lockdown lifts and Christmas is over.

‘If you’ve done your research and there is still a dog-shaped space in your life, then it may be the right time for you. Take a look at our website, where you can find more details about all the lovely pooches currently in our care who are looking for their forever homes.’

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