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A GOOD leash is an essential part of the kit for your dog and most owners will have a couple handy.

But with so many options around, how do you know which one is the best dog lead for your pet?

Well, to start with, consider your dog’s personality type.

For puppies and younger dogs, a training lead can be helpful for them to get used to being on a lead.

This is also true if it’s a new dog for you.

If your dog loves to explore – but isn’t so good at coming back when you call – a good retractable one is best.

But if your dog is well behaved, and you just need something to guide it when crossing the road for example, you can be a bit more flexible with the type of lead you pick.

So from training leads to leather ones, here are some of the best dog leads around.

Ezydog Zero Shock dog lead

Credit: via Ocado

  • Ezydog Zero Shock dog lead, £20 from Ocado – buy here

This short lead is ideal for training dogs.

It has a bungee system that works as a shock absorber for when your dog suddenly pulls, but the tightly sprung system means that your pet can’t go far.

As well as the main neoprene handle, it has a second handle closer to the collar that you can use while crossing the road.

Key specsLength: 63.5cm, Colour: Black, Material: Nylon, Type: Bungee

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