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Fishing glasses should do pretty much what they say on the tin. But chances are, you won’t get the best performance unless you go polarised.

Polarised sunglasses are essential for fishing, given that the specially coated lenses reduce glare and allow you to see what’s under the water’s surface.

The catch (sorry) is that they are generally more expensive, but the extra cost might make your day a whole lot easier.

There are plenty of polarised fishing sunglasses out there, so we’ve done the hard work and sifted through the options. From classic designs to contemporary performance shades, these are the best on the market.

What to look for when buying polarised fishing sunglasses


When it comes to the best sunglasses for fishing, bigger is sometimes better.

To make them work you want fairly large-sized lenses, which offer plenty of coverage from the sun and the glare of the water. Go too small and you might find the sun catching you out at certain angles, resulting in uncomfortable squinting.

If in doubt, go for slightly larger shades than you might usually, which will provide the best protection and the best chance of reducing glare. 


If you regularly fish and you tend to spend more than a couple of hours by the water, you know the discomfort of sunglasses that are too heavy.

They can put excess pressure on the tops of your ears and the bridge of your nose, and can in worse-case scenarios contribute to headaches.

What you need is a light pair, made from a lightweight acetate or resin that will put minimal pressure on the points of contact with your head.

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This will mean you can wear them all day long without any worry or pain, making your life far easier. 

The best polarised sunglasses for fishing, at a glance

  • Best lightweight fishing sunglasses – Rivbos
  • Best magnifying fishing sunglasses – Remaldi
  • Best value-for-money fishing sunglasses – Fortis
  • Best fishing sunglasses with leash – Oakley
  • Best fishing sunglasses for casual wear – Korda

Rivbos Polarised Sports Sunglasses

  • (AD) Rivbos Polarized Sports Sunglasses, £19.98 from Amazon – buy here

These are a simple pair of black sunglasses, made perfect for fishing by their large, fire-orange polarised lenses.

The statement mirror coating filters out UV rays, protecting your eyes from the sun, while the polarised lenses help prevent glare, stopping harsh light from bouncing off the water.

Made from extremely lightweight plastic, the glasses can be worn all day long without them hurting, while the simple branding ensures they won’t look out of place in casual settings.

They also come with a bonus hard shell case, making them ideal for travel. 

Remaldi Polarised Fishing Glasses

  • (AD) Remaldi Polarised Fishing Glasses, £17 from Amazon – buy here

For more serious fishing endeavours, try this pair of sunglasses by Remaldi.

The distinctive wrap-around design ensures impressive coverage for the eyes, while the built-in +2.50 magnifying bifocal lenses are designed to help with performing tricky jobs that require close attention.

You could use them, for example, to tie bait to the end of your line; simply glance down slightly and you can make use of the magnified vision.

When away from the water though, they’d work just as well as reading glasses, while the lightweight build ensures you can wear them all day. 


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Fortis Wraps AM/PM Sunglasses

  • Fortis Wraps AM/PM Sunglasses, £23.99 £19.91 from Amazon – buy here

As far as fishing glasses go, these arguably represent the best value for money.

The classic Fortis design features a wrap-around look that’s reminiscent of vintage aviator sunglasses, while the polarised lens, UV protection and anti-mist vents ensure they’ll perform consistently, whatever the weather. 

Oakley Split Shot

  • Oakley Split Shot Glasses, £198 £99 from Selfridges – buy here

These Oakley frames, which at the time of writing are half-price at Selfridges, perfectly encapsulate why Oakley is one of the biggest names in eyewear.

Made from lightweight acetate, they come with a "leash" that means they'll be secure at all times, and the Unobtanium nosepad becomes more grippy with perspiration, eliminating the risk of them slipping down your nose.

Korda Polarised Wraps Sunglasses

  • Korda Polarised Wraps Sunglasses, £19.95 from Amazon – buy here

Simple and refined, these are the kind of sunglasses you could wear away from the water and nobody would bat an eyelid.

Made with a lightweight frame and brown tinted polarised lenses, they’ve got you covered, whether you’re fishing or not. 

Vallon Freshwater Revivals

  • Freshwater Revivals, £112 from Vallon – buy here

This pair of Vallon sunglasses is actually made from recycled fishing nets, with 85% of its design sourced sustainably.

They come complete with dark brown tinted lenses and a classic green frame for impressive adaptability.

Caperlan Polarised Fishing Glasses

  • Caperlan Fishing polarised and floating sunglasses FG 500, £24.99 from Decathlon – buy here

An easy option if you don’t want to break the bank, these sunglasses by Caperlan are about as basic as they get.

They do however come with polarised lenses for anti-glare protection, and best of all, they float, so you don’t have to worry about losing them if you drop them by accident. 

Trakker Navigator Sunglasses

  • Trakker Navigator Sunglasses, £28 from Go Outdoors – buy here

With a retro flair made contemporary with polarised lenses and a lightweight frame, these glasses are surprisingly versatile.

Use them for your upcoming fishing trip or combine them with jeans and T-shirts on the weekend. 

Tifosi Davos Sunglasses

  • Tifosi Davos Sunglasses, £70 from Go Outdoors – buy here

If you take fishing seriously, you might want to consider a pair like this Tifosi design.

The sleek, statement Grilamid TR90 frame is nearly indestructible, while they weigh in at just 26g, ensuring you won’t even notice them after a full day out. 

Best of all, if you're a Go Outdoors member, you can get these at a huge discount (at the time of writing).

Vallon Howlin'

  • Howlin', £106 from Vallon – buy here

While not necessarily designed for fishing, this rounded aviator pair is a stylish way to take to the water.

Made with brown polarised lenses and with an optional head strap to keep them secure at all times, they’re a sleek, retro design that work just as well as a daily pair. 

Bajio Vega Polarised Sunglasses

  • Bajio Vega Polarised Sunglasses, £199 from Farlows – buy here

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Made from a lightweight bio-based nylon, the classic frames of this Bajio pair look as good as they perform.

Polarised lenses, wide temples for added sun protection, and a choice of tortoiseshell or plain designs; it’s hard to go wrong with these. 

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