10 Top Earning ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges, Ranked

America’s Got Talent has been a staple on television since 2006. However, the same cannot be said about the show’s judges. Almost every season, new judges join the panel and each one of them brings something new to the table.

Here’s a look at the 10 top-earning judges on America’s Got Talent based on their net worth.

10 David Hasselhoff – Net Worth $10 Million

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Musician and television personality David Hasselhoff was one of the first judges in America’s Got Talent. In fact, he sat at the judges’ table until Season 4.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hasselhoff’s income is estimated at $10 million. And this also comes for his lengthy stint in Baywatch and Knight Rider.

9 Brandy Norwood – Net Worth $12 Million

Brandy Norwood was also a judge in America’s Got Talent Season 1. However, she didn’t return to the hit reality TV competition for Season 2.

Still, since she’s one of the most famous singers of the 90s, Norwood’s net worth is estimated at $12 million.

8 Piers Morgan – Net Worth $20 Million

Piers Morgan served as a judge in America’s Got Talent from Seasons 2 to 6. It is unclear how much the British national earned from his gig. But according to Celebrity Net Worth, Morgan earns millions for his other projects.

As a host of Piers Morgan Tonight, he received an annual salary of $2 million. In 2008, he also signed a two-year deal with ITV, where he made $2.6 million annually.

The controversial host’s net worth is estimated at $20 million, which places him as the eighth top-earning judge on America’s Got Talent.

7 Gabrielle Union – Net Worth $40 Million

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Gabrielle Union’s stint in America’s Got Talent only lasted one season. And it ended on a not-so-high note because she accused her fellow judge, Simon Cowell of discrimination.

Last year, Union and America’s Got Talent reached a settlement over her workplace toxicity complaint. Prior to this, Union revealed that she was ousted by Cowell after she complained of racism, and health violations due to the latter’s on-set smoking, and more.

Prior to her axing, Union made thousands per episode on America’s Got Talent. However, the figures reportedly didn’t compare to the other judges’ salaries.

6 Howie Mandel – Net Worth $60 Million

Howie Mandel is the longest-serving judge on America’s Got Talent. He continues to a judge on the hit NBC reality TV competition after first joining the program in Season 7.

For each episode, Mandel reportedly made $70,000, bringing his net worth to $60 million.

5 Heidi Klum – Net Worth $160 Million

There is evidently a huge leap between Mandel and Heidi Klum’s salary but America’s Got Talent isn’t the main reason for this.

Klum worked as a supermodel for years, and this is where the majority of her $160 million net worth comes from.

According to Talent Recap, Klum makes $100,000 per episode, which is $30,000 more than what Mandel gets.

4 Sofia Vergara – Net Worth $180 million

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Sofia Vergara is one of the most popular judges on America’s Got Talent because she’s smart, funny, compassionate, and entertaining.

When she joined the reality TV show last season, reports revealed that she was offered $10 million per season.

Prior to joining the show, Vergara earned $500,000 per episode on Modern Family. And she was part of the hit ABC series from Season 1 until Season 11.

Both TV shows have helped Vergara earn her estimated $180 million net worth. But she also has other sources of income like her endorsements, guesting, and businesses.

3 Sharon Osbourne – Net Worth $220 Million

Sharon Osbourne was a judge in America’s Got Talent from Seasons 2 to 7. It is unclear how much Osbourne was paid during her stint on the show, but she previously revealed that her salary was much less than what Howard Stern used to get.

On The Talk, Osbourne said that she was upset to learn that Stern was making $35 million from America’s Got Talent when he just joined the panel of judges. She has been on the show for much longer, but her pay didn’t compare to Stern.

Despite the shade, there’s no denying the fact that Osbourne is worth so much. Before quitting The Talk, she was reportedly earning $1 million per season.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Osbourne’s income is estimated at $220 million.

2 Simon Cowell – Net Worth $600 Million

Cowell is one of the most famous English personalities on television today. He has been tied to some famous reality TV shows like American Idol and The X-Factor.

He joined America’s Got Talent in 2015 and has been part of the judges’ panel since then.

It is unclear how much the dad of one makes per season on America’s Got Talent, but his yearly salary is estimated at $100 million. And his net worth is roughly around $600 million.

1 Howard Stern – Net Worth $650 Million

Howard Stern was part of America’s Got Talent for four seasons. His income from the show remains unknown, but his net worth can be estimated at $650 million.

Stern also serves as a producer and radio personality, which have always been his steady sources of income.

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